Writing from the Deeper Self

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Writing from the Deeper Self

Essential Writing Series with Naomi Rose

Naomi RoseWriting coach Naomi Rose has successfully used her "Writing from the Deeper Self" approach to help people with an inner-directed focus write the books of their hearts. This organic approach to writing provides a gentle, listening way to bring forth what's within onto the page, without pushing or forcing anything. Drawing from transpersonal studies and over 30 years in the publications field as a writer, editor, consultant, and book developer, she takes writers on a journey into the spiritual aspects of artistic expression, listening deeply, and blessings of engaging deeply in personal creative process. Learn more at www.naomirose.net

Listening Your Book into Being

What does it mean to learn to listen to yourself, especially when it comes to writing a book?

For Fun, Write a Book

I would not be fully truthful if I gave the impression that writing a book is always fun,or only fun.

First Drafts

If you think of a draft as a sketch, you can get a clearer, more trusting picture of what a draft is for.

Inspired Writing: Where Spirit and Matter Hold Out Their Arms Towards Each Other

Inspired writing is not apart from you, but is of the very essence of you.

Your Book Can Heal the World

Looking in the Mirror of Our True Nature. Have you ever read a book that touched you so deeply — in your heart, in your soul, in your mind — that it actually moved you closer to your deep Self?

You are the Treasure Embedded in Your Book

Despite your inner critic and external standards, realize that YOU are the jewel embedded in the writing.

Refining and Being Refined

On artistic developing — and being developed.

Writing a Book as a Quest

Going deeper beyond simply being an expert in your field.

The Intimate Fruits of a Writing Retreat

Coming into the Wealth of Inner Being. A retreat is a precious thing: a time to really listen inside.

Is It Commerce, or Is It Art?

Writing is a spiritual practice, an act of devotion, and gift to your readers. On commercial product orientation vs. tuning in to the life within you seeking to be known.

Writing a New Chapter in the Book of Your Life

Seeing ourselves deeply in writing, and in reading. What you're seeking is seeking you, too.

Not-Knowing: A Sometimes Unnerving but Utterly Reliable Guide

In writing a book and other things, too.

Beyond Expertise: When Writing from Your Life Is the Gift of Gifts

You cannot absent yourself from your writing and expect someone else to enter into it.

Rough Drafts and Revisions: "We Build the Road as We Travel"

The creative, evolutionary need for book writers to tolerate (even accept) the process of rough drafts and revisions.

When Books Are Less Than Life (And Yet Writing a Book Enhances Your Life)

Here is something you might not expect me to include in an article about writing books from the deeper Self: words about how reading books are not really "it."

Writing in a Spiral

There is something about writing that seeks its own healing ~ rather than, say, seeking to explain or persuade ~ that often tends to find its deepest expression in a "spiral pattern."

The Value of Completing a Book and Giving It to (Yourself and) the World

I'm going to tell you a story ~ backwards as well as forwards. It's about the Rose Press website. But it could just as well be about the book you write, or have, or will.

Writing a Book as a Giving Back

What people really are seeking in reading books is a way to know themselves more deeply.

The Important Role of Silence in Writing

The cultivation of inner silence from time to time is medicine not only for our writing, but also for our entire being.

Intimate Details in Writing

Not about a confessional, but details that bring what you're writing about intimately close to the reader.

Deep is Fun: A Challenge to Write Long(er)

Try your hand at this deeper writing process with some guidelines in mind. Enjoy 10 reader submissions with Naomi's personal feedback.

The Antidote to Fear is Desire

It's true that much of my work as a Book Developer is helping my clients get through their fears about writing.

Writing What Can and Can't Be Said

Why We Need to; Why We're Called to. (On attending the spiritual celebration of the 22nd-Generation Granddaughter of Poet Mystic Jelal ad-Din Rumi).

Creativity Isn't Just About Having Good Ideas

Creating is what happens when you pay attention to who lives inside you.

In Praise of the Feminine in Creating, and Even Promoting, Our Books

It's been said, by book-promotion pundits, that writing a book is the feminine part, and marketing it is the masculine.

Writing as Healing (for Your Heart, Body, Spirit, Soul)

Levels of Healing; Unintentional Healing through Writing: Healing the Body; Intentional Healing through Writing.

'Pressing' the Essence into Beautiful Books

When a person takes on the holy task of writing a book from the deeper Self something flowers.

Silence and Slowing Down in Writing a Book

If you have ever been on a silent retreat, or been in nature for a period of time in silence, you already know from experience how incredibly fertile that bed of silence can be.

Please Yourself: A Self-centered way to write a book

If you try to write a book to appeal to some idea of a market niche, instead of being as utterly true to what's in you as you can, you won't get to find your gift.

Learning and Playing by Heart

When what you love is worth doing slowly. Plus: A simple guide to learning and playing by heart in book writing.

Returning to What Persists

The enduring passion to write the book of your heart.

The You Who Writes

The you who writes is essential to what gets written. Excerpted from chapter 2 of Starting Your Book.

Slowing Down and Listening Inside, to Make Room to Receive What's There

A conscious breathing and listening exercise to make room to receive what's there. Excerpted from chapter 1 of Starting Your Book..

Interview with Writing Coach and Book Developer Naomi Rose

In this Creative Careers Interview, Naomi Rose discusses her path as a book developer and writing coach, the Writing from the Deeper Self process, fear of the blank page, connecting with muses, creativity and spirituality.