Healing through SoulCollage

Collaging with Cancer: A SoulCollage® Journey

Chapter 10: Cancer and the Wounded Body

By Anne Marie Bennett | Posted 6/1/14 | Updated 9/10/20

I wasn’t really prepared for the trials that my body went through during my first cancer journey. After two lumpectomies and a lymph node dissection, my chest and left arm were never the same. I knew several women who had had mastectomies at about the same time as my lumpectomies, and I felt guilty whenever I caught myself complaining about how different I looked.

SoulCollage Card Created by Anne Marie BennettBut after discovering SoulCollage®, an intuitive art process created by Seena Frost, I realized that I could honor this part of myself that was somewhat resentful about the physical wounds I had to bear. I fell in love with the four central figures on this card and tried them against several different backgrounds before being “struck” by how beautiful they looked against the tree being lit up by the lightning.

I was further enlightened when I journaled with this card. Listen to what she told me:

Who are you?
I Am the One Whose left breast was disfigured.

I Am the One Who covers her breast with her hand in order to protect it, even now that it is too late.

I Am the One Who looks in the mirror with dread and disgust at my mismatched breasts.

I Am the One Who survived the lightning which destroyed my left breast.

I Am the One Who grieves the loss of my perfect, full breasts.

What do you want from me?
I want you to remember that destruction does not necessarily mean ugliness. Remember that sometimes beauty comes with the destruction.

I want you to grieve fully, but I also want you to breathe in the peace of the bird I am cradling to my chest and the butterflies that attach themselves to my clothing.

What do you have to give me?
I give you wings to fly, and power to protect yourself from negativity and self-loathing.

I give you bright light, even in the midst of ruin.

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