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Posted 5/6/20


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April 2020

Dear Stay-at-Home folks:

We are living in an unprecedented time, a time that, despite the devastating losses and challenges, is yielding blessings-in-disguise. For example, in our efforts to practise social distancing and staying home, we have realized the need for creativity and (re)connecting with the Flow of Life.

I am therefore offering as a free resource, a few sample activities from my book, Bridge to Oneness: An Interactive Spiritual Workbook for Here and Now, which I sincerely hope shall uplift, inspire and encourage you to delve deeper into the "unknown" — your own Unlimitedness, brimming with creative ideas to assist in Co-creating a Better World — A World That Works For All, in which greater Harmony, Peace, Joy and Wellbeing shall be commonplace amongst all!

I would love to receive your feedback and comments! Please drop me a line at:

Blessings to One and All at this historic time.

Roslyn Rus

PS: The Bridge to Oneness activities were created in 2010, at a time when social distancing was unknown. Please continue to be vigilant in your efforts to stay healthy while you explore your own community/area!

Kaleidoscope Activity

A Divine Inner Child Activity

Are you kaleidoscopic in your worldview or consciousness?

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, a kaleidoscope consists of "changes of position … of … glass … reflected in an endless variety of patterns."

As a young child, it was probably my favourite toy; it gave me such joy and wonder! I've always been fascinated by rainbows and prisms, as well as anything that depicts the multifaceted, multicoloured Life that we're all a part of. Seeing with kaleidoscopic eyes or in an open, unlimited way, leads to greater Awareness and appreciation of All Life — Open Living!

This is an introspective type of activity: so take a moment or two before you begin, to just breathe and center yourself; meditation or yoga is also a great way to put you "in the mood."

  • Imagine your own life as a kaleidoscope: always changing, always interweaving with those you meet, human or otherwise, and all you do … even the air you breathe is shared by others all over the Earth! After reflecting on this, take some time to write about how your life is like a kaleidoscope: for example, at work or school, with friends or family, at home, doing hobbies, shopping, interacting with neighbours or even those you meet on the bus, subway or street!

  • Then, take time to walk with greater Awareness, in your own area or elsewhere — keeping in mind the kaleidoscopic view of Life, in the myriad of ways It unfolds … You may want to carry a notebook with you for this second part of the activity, as undoubtedly more insights will come to you.

This activity will assist you in (re)connecting with your innermost child in a lovely and graceful way!

The New Earth Activity

Deep within each of our Hearts is the Divine Spark that alights our life — it is with this Spark, as it increases in intensity, that we may create and realise our own "dream" of a better world — one that is already in the midst of being created: the New Earth.

As the Golden Rule so beautifully illustrates, we are all one interdependent and interconnected family, also referred to as the Web of Life. All paths are valid, including those of religions: they all lead to the One, and unite us all in the Heart of God.

In the midst of all the appearances of trials and tribulations taking place everywhere on the planet today, a brilliant world is being (co)created anew. I am oftentimes reminded of the mythical Phoenix bird, rising up out of the ashes, as I reflect on this momentous time that we're so privileged to be living in.

And so, take time now to imagine your own version/vision of the New Earth, here and now … be as expansive, creative and unlimited in your imaginings.

"Go within" into the recesses of your Heart, united with Spirit, and really "see" the New World, one that is glorious, afresh and anew, where Peace, Joy, Abundance, Love and Harmony are the order of the day, every moment of every day!

You may want to do this activity by yourself, or with others. You can bring to life, or animate, through creative expression, your vision/version of the New Earth, through:

  • Writing — prose or poetry/verse.

  • Visual art — draw what you "see."

  • Music — create or use a song, and let your Heart (and voice) sing!

  • Drama — through role playing, skit or improv.

  • Story creating & telling — share your New Earth contribution with others.

And remember: everything great that's ever been created, has begun with a dream — and with God, all is possible!

Scavenger Hunt #1

A Community-Based, Outer-World Activity

In this age of instant everything, especially technology, it is so important to use one's discernment concerning spiritual teachings — there are many wonderful and gifted teachers out there, but there are also ones who will try to mislead you, for example, by "guaranteeing" your instant Enlightenment.

Life is truly a journey, or a process, and by realising this and appreciating all the hues and layers — the multiplicity of it all — assists us greatly in our personal/inner growth! If we enjoy the journey as we go, that too helps us on our Path, and leads us into greater Love for All of Life.

For those of you who, like me, live in the Greater Toronto area, we have a distinct advantage: Toronto is probably the most cosmopolitan, diverse City in North America.

And in the growing global Interfaith community, the theme of Unity in Diversity is everywhere. As awareness of our oneness continues to blossom, we will be valuing our unity and celebrating our diversity, like never before.

On this subject, therefore, this activity takes you out of your "comfort zone"; although you can begin this "outer world" Scavenger Hunt at home, it is best to go afield, so to speak … Through newspapers and other media, films etc., chatting with neighbours and friends, or even so-called strangers, we can glean a lot, concerning our similarities and differences.

  • Collect any data, or even objects, that depict the similarities of our brothers and sisters, near and far … You may want to keep a journal or log-book for this purpose.

  • Scavenge your way in less likely places, both at home or elsewhere … Be imaginative! This can also be a great networking activity, with email pals abroad, for example.

  • Take time afterwards to reflect on your findings and their deeper significances.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that you have more in common with others, than differences … As you learn about others, you will also learn about yourself, and the interconnected, global village we have truly become!

© 2010, 2020 Roslyn Rus. All rights reserved.

The preceding activities are from Bridge to Oneness: An Interactive Spiritual Workbook for Here and Now, ©2010 by Roslyn Rus. ISBN: 978-0-9813496-0-2; Semi-Finalist in the City of Toronto's Livegreen Toronto Innovations Awards competition, 2010.

Roslyn Rus

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