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The deeper meaning of creativity.

Posted 2/5/11 | Updated 5/5/20

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

When I stop to ponder the deeper meaning of creativity, I always associate it with spirituality, or inspiration. To me, the two are infinitely intertwined and inseparable.

As humans, we are created by a higher power, and whether you view that "higher" one simply as Universal Energy, Source, God, or the Creator, we are all made in that One's image. Thus we too are, in fact, creators.

Based on that knowledge, may I suggest, for those who feel uncreative or uninspired, that you ask yourself, as you rise in the morning, "How am I creative today?" Then observe yourself as you go about your day. You will be pleasantly surprised — even if you just sit at home, doing nothing, or what you think is doing nothing, you are still creating — your own reality, life and world. Every thought, breath and bat of an eyelash is a created action, either conscious or unconscious.

In the workshops that I conduct, whenever a participant tells me that he/she is not creative or imaginative, I smile, then explain that we are all creative in our own unique way. "You don't have to be a great artist to be creative! Stick figures, for example, are very useful and acceptable for this type of activity," I tell folks, before they begin a visual art activity.

In point of fact, we are as creative as we allow ourselves to be! We are only limited by our own self-created barriers or "blocks." When one opens up to Source, or Life Itself, one becomes that unlimited source oneself.

History is replete with artists, writers and composers who have admitted that they were (Divinely) inspired. As a classic example, Shakespeare must have been inspired in creating the vast body of his timeless work.

We are presently at the most exciting time in the history of humanity, the Earth and all of life, for more and more of us are awakening to our true purpose, and the great transition that is happening, on a moment-by-moment basis. However, if we truly want peace on and for the Earth, we must embrace our creative side! As Satish Kumar, the Editor of Resurgence Magazine has said, "Human happiness, true prosperity and joyful living can only emerge from a life of elegant simplicity embedded in the arts and crafts."

As co-creators with Life Itself, we can choose, design and literally manifest what comes next for the betterment of all of life. Using our creativity (including our imagination), and tapping into or allowing our inner child to come out to play (pun intended), we can co-create beauty, peace and harmony in our own lives and for those less fortunate too.

When we shift our perspective or way of thinking from the "glass half empty" to the "glass half full" — in other words, seeing Life positively and becoming more involved with Life and our own community — we ourselves change, thereby assisting others to change as well, as we are all one.

But this change or shift is, in itself, a process, as is Life in all its beauty and abundance! Here in the Toronto, Canada area, and elsewhere in North America and the Western world, artists are coming together for change: social justice, environmental, healthcare, and other key issues of society that are overdue for transformation and healing.

I myself have been privileged to work with youths, focusing on the Golden Rule or the Ethic of Reciprocity. These enthusiastic and creative young people grasp the message easily, and convey their interpretation of that through their stunning impromptu artistic drawings, writings and songs, about the one, interconnected global family that we are all part of, including Mother Earth.

In summary, I wish to encourage each and every one to live life fully, as the beautiful, creative individuals that we all truly are. With blessings!

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Roslyn Rus

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