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Living Bridges

Each and every one of us are Living Bridges.

Posted 3/17/11 | Updated 5/6/20


Photo by Chris Dunmire

When we think about a bridge, what comes to mind? A crossing-over point, an iron and steel carrier for vehicles (like the Golden Gate Bridge, for example), or a picturesque wooden structure found in some of our wonderful parks.

A bridge is a form of a conveyance between Points A and B; one that all are required to use who desire to get to "the other side." A bridge can also be flexible in its nature, giving and bending or stretching, like the precarious suspended or hanging bridges found in some of the more remote wilderness areas.

But there is another type of bridge, besides the card game, that is. The greatest and perhaps most powerful bridge is humanity. Each and every one of us are Living Bridges, comprised of Stardust, the Elements of Nature, Mother Earth, water, DNA/RNA, and a myriad of other ingredients. We are, in essence, the "modem" or link between Heaven and Earth; moreover, we are Heaven and Earth in embodiment!

What does this mean to the average "Joe" or "Jane"? How can this profound Truth assist us in our daily lives, both for ourselves and for humanity-at-large?

We are presently in the midst of a complete overhaul of everything we've ever known and experienced, thus far, in the history of humanity. All of the old-world ways are transforming to a new template — a new song — of cooperation, mutual trust, sharing of resources, and so much more! Some are calling it the beginning of the New Earth.

As we are each Living Bridges, linking Heaven and Earth, when we take this profound Truth into consideration, we can thereby see and experience our immediate world, our personal "reality", as well as the planet and all of life, with renewed reverence, respect and hope … Hope for a Better World! One that is intrinsically interwoven with each other and all the rest of Creation, not just here on Earth, but everywhere!

As a conscious or aware Living Bridge, therefore, each one of us can use this knowledge to assist ourselves, each other, the Earth, and all of the many kingdoms that co-exist with us on this beloved planet we call Home. When we come to feel that deep interconnectedness with the Earth, for example, and that we ourselves are the embodiment of the Earth as well as the "meeting place" or bridgepoint with "Heaven", we can step into our true nature or role easier, and with greater clarity, passion and respect, as stewards or caretakers of Beloved Gaia.

At the same time, when we come to feel or experience that "Heaven" within ourselves, and/or our interconnection, or Communion, with our Beloved Creator / God / Spirit / Source, we realize that we are not alone, and most importantly at this critical time, we have a sacred task placed before us, as Emissaries of and for The One. Yes, it does sound like a daunting task or responsibility, but this is why we are here: to Love, Love, Love humanity, the Earth and All of Life free!

Bridging Techniques

And so, here below are a few personal tried-and-true suggestions for you, as the unique Living Bridge of and to The One that you truly are:

  • Love Life Fully and completely, each and every moment!

  • No matter how down a day you may be having, know that you are becoming a better person through that experience, and you are never alone on your personal Journey of Life

  • Practise ongoing Joy and Forgiveness

  • Develop or increase your personal relationship to the Beloved One / Creator / God / Source of All That Is, as well as Mother Earth, knowing that as the embodiment of both Heaven and Earth, your personal Communions with Above and Below shall be much richer

  • Live the Golden Rule and the Green Rule … "As Above, So Below"

  • Reconnect with your Divine Inner Child … be silly and child-like again!

  • Get outside more! Explore your own neighbourhood, parks, etc.

  • Speak to your neighbours, for truly, there are no strangers here, as we are all the same, united with each other and all of life

  • Remember what Margaret Mead said: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world"

  • As each of us becomes more aware and conscious of who we truly are, we become more inclined or inspired to unite with each other, thus increasing our Divine Power as Living Bridges! Imagine a New Earth, a New and Better World, where all of us, united through our Hearts, stand tall within ourselves and with each other, as One continuous, global Living Bridge!

The time that we are presently living in is challenging, but is also a Golden and Green opportunity for all of us, in all the many kingdoms that co-habitate this precious planet to join together to co-create and "sing" our New Song … won't you join in?

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Roslyn Rus

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