The Nine Modern Day Muses

(and a Bodyguard) Series

Jill Badonsky's Extravaganza of Muses, Creativity, Humor, and Wonder!

9 Modern Day MusesAs you take flight to the wondrous weaving of your dreams, know that you may need some help. Embarking upon the journey your soul may be saying: "Excuse me, excuse me, I have something I want to shaaaaarrre!" Or perhaps it is your heart that exclaims, "A life artfully lived? Yes! Yes! That's the ticket, I'd love to be, do, and have that!" And, as is the reality of the creative process, you are feeling… well, sort of alone.

Meet Aha-Phrodite, the inspired Muse of paying attention to possibility and new ideas. And Audacity, the uninhibited Muse of the courage to take risks. Lull gives you permission to let go of the process and take a break; Marge brings common sense and a call to action; while nurturing Muse Song sings you praises. No-nonsense bodyguard Arnold acts as protection against such intruders as discouragement, creativity blocks, and mindless TV.

Based on her creativity-nurturing book, The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard) creativity coach and seminar leader Jill Badonsky takes the nine classical Greek Muses and updates them for our time, personifying ten principles designed to overcome creative blocks and embrace the wonders of self-expression. Each Muse will take you on a journey through empowering exercises to awaken creativity, brainstorming, spiritual affirmations, journaling, muse walks, rituals to inspire faith and confidence, and quotes from Mortals who've been inspired by the Muses.

Meet the Muses


MusesAnother Fine Myth: Introduction to the 9 Modern Day Muses

Meet Aha-phrodite, Albert, Marge, Bea Silly, Spills, Audacity, Lull, Shadow, Muse Song, and Arnold (the Bodyguard)and how each can help and inspire you in and around creative process.


Spill's symbolMarge: The Just-Get-Started Muse

Marge is the Muse of okay-now-let's-get-started. Marge is about beginning the creative process — often the hardest part. Features "Marge Reloaded" with encouragement to make a start with a creative call or continue an "in progress" endeavor in real time; exclusive Interview with Marge helping artists navigate the swamps of procrastination; "Self-Sabotage: 8 Ways to Stop Creative Neglect" in patterns like procrastination and self-sabotage; and "From Snakes to Delight (Illusion of Fear)" to banish the illusion of fear at the start of creative projects.


Bea Silly's symbolFun is an Elixir of Spontaneous Ideas

Bea Silly is the Muse of play, laughter, and dance. Bea Silly's name means bringing play, fun, laughter, and freedom back to the creative process. On Bea-ing Silly: Solutions that seemed so evasive earlier appear effortlessly in the midst of play. Includes exclusive interview with Bea Silly describing Muse Walks and how motion and play opens us up to receive inspiration.


Aha-phrodite's symbolPaying Attention to Possibilities with Aha-phrodite

Aha-Phrodite is the Muse of paying attention and possibilities. Aha-phrodite's name was inspired from Aphrodite, goddess of Love and Beauty and well-known daughter of Zeus and Hera. What does paying attention mean to you in the creative process? Advice for mortals who have trouble staying in the present moment.


Spill's symbolSpills: The Beauty of ImperFection

Spills is the Muse of process, practice, and imperfection. Spill's name means releasing perfection, enjoying the process, knowing the power of practice and patience. Learn how to break the chains of Perfection paralysis and to love the process of creating, rather than merely focusing on the finished product.


Spill's symbolAlbert, A Muse with an Attitude

Albert is the Muse of imagination and innovation. Albert's name was inspired by Albert Einstein, the mortal icon of innovation, imagination, and revolutionary thinking. Try this fun imagination/innovation exercise to get a good sense of Albert's powers. Features Exposure Realms — Exposure to fields we normally do not venture into jiggles the controls on our minds so ingenuity leaks in; and exclusive Interview with Albert with advice on helping artists and creatives find ways to find ways to support the work they love to do.


Spill's symbol5 Belief Strategies from the Audacious Muse, Audacity

Audacity is the Muse of courage and uninhibited uniqueness. Audacity's name means liberation from the opinion of others. The talented artist, writer, or musician who does not show belief and confidence can flounder, when someone less talented but with assertive belief can flourish. Features exclusive Interview with Audacity discussing ways mortals can tap into their intuition more readily, and thus live a life informed by their authentic, unique truth.


Spill's symbolDoing Nothing with a Muse called Lull

Lull is the Muse of pause, diversion, and gratitude. Lull's name means a break, a pause, a space in between. Doing nothing is actually going to get you somewhere. Features exclusive Interview with Lull discussing the difference between taking a break and slacking off; "Romancing the Lull: Creativity's Pause Button" on the cyclical nature of creativity and "When the Pause is Part of the Process", not beating yourself up because you keep putting off your creative pursuits.


Spill's symbolMuse Song, the Muse of Pampering, Encouragement and Good Company

Muse Song is the Muse of nurturing, encouragement, and good company. Muse Song's name means someone to sing your praises — both your inner voice and the voice of those you choose to share your company. Learn nine ways to nurture yourself and your creativity. Features exclusive Interview with Muse Song and how self-love and nurturing are related to creative expression.


Spill's symbolThe Shadow Muse — Gifts of Your Dark Side

Shadow Muse is the Muse of gifts of the dark side. Shadow's name means the dark side of our personality. The shadow side of a mortal provides an incredible amount of creative energy. Features exclusive Interview with Shadow Muse to see the gifts and treasures of creativity only found in the shadows.


Spill's symbolArnold: The Muses Hire a Bodyguard

Arnold, the Muses Bodyguard, protects you from all of the adversaries of the creative process — the traitors to your unfolding as a creative possibility in self-realized splendor. Arnold protects you from adversaries of the creative process. Features exclusive Interview with Arnold on how many artists, writers, and musicians have a self-destructive bent and how he can help protect them.

Third Edition

Exclusive Excerpts from the Third Edition of The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)

The third edition is out with a Bea Silly touch-of-fun new illustrations, Albert's new applications of creative principles, and something special from the rest of the Muses (which are 10 dynamic creative principles in the guise of nine Muses and a Bodyguard). The Muses wanted to add something new, so they got together and brainstormed how their principles could be applied to areas where mortals want and need more creative inspiration.

The Nine Modern Day Muses Announce:

Food Fight!

Oh wait, that was yesterday… correction…


The Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard) got together surreptitiously early last summer over triple-chocolafied cupcakes, under a cumulus cloud, and in between earthly gigs.


The Muse, Lull, asked her to lower her voice.

Albert said "What breast?"

And Marge agreed with Audacity and took the first step.

So, NOW AVAILABLE TO YOU is the THIRD bright and spangling edition of The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard): 10 Guides to Creative Inspiration!!!


Muse Book History

Table of ChallengesThe first edition of The Nine Modern Day Muses was published in 2003 by Penguin/Putnam's Gotham division and not but two years later, the Muse Audacity (she's a mover and a shaker), demanded we buy the rights and republish it with more love. Well, Spills was in charge so, well, as much as we love Spills and the process, the second edition did not quite live up to the first.

Now the third edition is out with a Bea Silly touch-of-fun new illustrations, Albert's new applications of creative principles, and something special from the rest of the Muses (which are 10 dynamic creative principles in the guise of nine Muses and a Bodyguard).

A Muse, for those of you who may be wondering, is a beacon of creative inspiration. In Greek mythology it was believed that when writers, poets, artists, and other creative people were inspired, it was because they were visited by a Muse. Each of the nine Modern Day Muses presents solutions to any creative block you could possibly be encountering including procrastination, perfectionism, self-sabotage, distractions, fear, overwhelm, and a closet door that doesn't seem to close all the way.

Here are reviews of the Third Edition from that wily bunch of Muses themselves:

MusesAha-phrodite, The Muse of Paying Attention: "The new book has added FOUR whole new sections giving brilliant attention to essential newly identified needs of the modern day mortal now prescribing programs for:

  1. Getting through Perfectionism,
  2. Creativity for Agelessness,
  3. even The Use of Creativity with Yoga!"

Marge, The Just-Get-Started Muse: "You forgot the section on Making Marketing Easier with the Muses."

Aha-phrodite: "Oh thanks for paying attention, Marge.… Making Marketing Easier with the Muses (repeat advertising helps mortals pay more attention)."

Bea Silly, The Muse of Playfulness (speaking from inside a Halloween costume made of cereal box tops, chicken wire, crepe paper, Slinkies®, and a cooperative Dachshund named Dillinger): "The new book seems to be a bunch more fun because of the colossal illustrations that I can color in with my new pack of glittery crayons… fun is an elixir for creative ideas. Ouch… chicken wire, down Dillinger, you silly dog!"

Muse Song, Muse of Pampering and Encouragement: "Treat yourself to the new version! You deserve it."

Spills, Muse of Practice, Process and Imperfection: "It IS a bunch better than the second edition, but for some reason mine has mustard all over it."

You'd be surprised at what brilliance...Lull, Muse of Letting Go of the Process and Gratitude: [not available for comment but did send a thank you note for her copy.]

The Shadow, Muse of the Gifts of the Dark Side: "I liked the Shadow chapter best… Did I just say that!?... How transparently unshameful am I? And liberated!"

Dillinger, Dog: "Bark. Bark bark bark!!!"

Marge, The Midwestern Muse of Okay-Now-Let's-Get-Started: "Okay then, only buy the book if you need to get unstuck then. Or to foil resistance, plow through perfectionism and understand how little steps get your further than high pressured expectations then. And, oh ya, quit readin' books and start doin' things, will ya! (This book will help with that)."

The Bodyguard: "Protect your creative time, protect your dream, and ruthlessly commit to your creative passion. Learn how in this book."

Excerpts from the Expanded Third Edition of The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)

Hi. For the third edition of The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard): 10 Guides to Creative Inspiration, the Muses wanted to add something new, so they got together and brainstormed how their principles could be applied to areas where mortals want and need more creative inspiration. They wanted to print the whole book here so the world could benefit, however Marge and Audacity provided a PowerPoint presentation that indicated that that wouldn't be so smart for book sales. It was a very short presentation.

The Muses and Marketing

Marketing Ideas from the Modern Day MusesSince each of the Modern Day Muses are creativity principles in disguise, you can apply them to marketing your business, your art, your writing, or yourself. The ideas result in the magnetic forces only Muses can inspire.

They sincerely bring you the power to make marketing authentically YOU and convince you that if you are passionate about whatever it is you are trying to share with the world, and take small steps that feel like a blend of common sense and inspired intuition, you will attract all the business you need.

Here is a sampler of what just three of the Modern Day Muses have to say about Marketing:

Aha-phrodite: Tools to Pay Attention
What you focus on becomes stronger.

  • Pay attention to:
    What you are passionate about. Share that passion in a genuine way with joy, confidence and authenticity and people will flock to you.

Albert: Tools to Be Unique and Think Different about Your Marketing Self

  • Thinking differently:
    What makes you different? What rules are there for you to tweak to make them work for you? Or break?

Spills: Permission to Be Imperfect, Embrace the Process, and Practice

  • Remind yourself you do not have to do this perfectly for it to work and bring you business. Just begin.

The Muses and Yoga

Yoga and the Modern Day MusesMuse Intentions for Yoga Teachers:

  • To allow the Nine Modern Day Muses to awaken your inner Muse or that of your students.
  • To be present with the union of creativity and yoga with no attachment to results.
  • To bring a creative question or questions to either the series or a particular class, and be open to the messages received

A Sampler of How the Muses can Serve your Yoga Practice:

Each Muse contributes to the yoga experience. Here are three short samples of what is provided.

Essence: The need to play with ideas, to lighten up, pairing moving with creative thought to elicit humor.

Preludes and Closings:

  • Where mentally, physically, spiritually can I lighten up?
  • "Don't think you have to be solemn to meditate. To meditate, well, you have to smile a lot." ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Essence: Nurturing and encouragement.

Preludes and Closings:

  • Touch the heart with both of your hands and feel yourself open to the great reservoirs of love you have inside.
  • Surrender the struggle.
    "If you meditate, sooner or later you will come upon love. If you meditate deeply, sooner or later you will start feeling a tremendous love arising in you that you have never known before." ~Osho

Essence: Courage, authenticity, uninhibited uniqueness.

Preludes and Closing:

  • Get big during your practice today. Be expansive — mind and body. Invite in new ideas without judgment or attachment.
  • Take the courage from today's practice with you the rest of today.
  • Imagine testing the edges of your creative passion today.
    "When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world." ~George Washington Carver

The Muses and Agelessness

Creative AgelessnessAUDACITY:

  • Mission: Living your life and manifesting dreams with courage, trust, and sass.
  • Focus: Being authentic, jaunty, spirited, and confident. Embracing the freedom not to care what people think — are you capitalizing on it?
  • Small Questions: How would it feel to be authentic? What small courageous step can I take today? What's one small way can I embrace the freedom that comes when we don't care what people think?
  • Inspired Insight: "I am not a has-been. I am a will be." ~Lauren Bacall

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