The Nine Modern Day Muses

(and a Bodyguard) Series

Jill Badonsky's Extravaganza of Muses, Creativity, Humor, and Wonder!

9 Modern Day MusesAs you take flight to the wondrous weaving of your dreams, know that you may need some help. Embarking upon the journey your soul may be saying: "Excuse me, excuse me, I have something I want to shaaaaarrre!" Or perhaps it is your heart that exclaims, "A life artfully lived? Yes! Yes! That's the ticket, I'd love to be, do, and have that!" And, as is the reality of the creative process, you are feeling… well, sort of alone.

Meet Aha-Phrodite, the inspired Muse of paying attention to possibility and new ideas. And Audacity, the uninhibited Muse of the courage to take risks. Lull gives you permission to let go of the process and take a break; Marge brings common sense and a call to action; while nurturing Muse Song sings you praises. No-nonsense bodyguard Arnold acts as protection against such intruders as discouragement, creativity blocks, and mindless TV.

Based on her creativity-nurturing book, The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard) creativity coach and seminar leader Jill Badonsky takes the nine classical Greek Muses and updates them for our time, personifying ten principles designed to overcome creative blocks and embrace the wonders of self-expression. Each Muse will take you on a journey through empowering exercises to awaken creativity, brainstorming, spiritual affirmations, journaling, muse walks, rituals to inspire faith and confidence, and quotes from Mortals who've been inspired by the Muses.

Meet the Muses


Spill's symbolSpills: The Beauty of ImperFection

Spills is the Muse of process, practice, and imperfection. Spill's name means releasing perfection, enjoying the process, knowing the power of practice and patience. Learn how to break the chains of Perfection paralysis and to love the process of creating, rather than merely focusing on the finished product.


Aha-phrodite's symbolPaying Attention to Possibilities with Aha-phrodite

Aha-Phrodite is the Muse of paying attention and possibilities. Aha-phrodite's name was inspired from Aphrodite, goddess of Love and Beauty and well-known daughter of Zeus and Hera. What does paying attention mean to you in the creative process? Advice for mortals who have trouble staying in the present moment.