Fall Leave Behinds

Graphics: Chris Dunmire

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Be Creative! Writing Prompts

Fall Leave Behinds: Write Your Own Autumn Greeting Cards

Blank card front and inside opens creative space for you to write poetry or personal sentiments to share.

By Chris Dunmire | Updated October 3, 2018

It is easy to pluck a greeting card off the rack and post a meme graphic on social media, but personalized hand-written messages remain highly prized treasures!

Let me open the space for you to engage your writing and creativity. While greeting cards celebrating birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and Christmas are Hallmarks of traditional celebratory giving, here's a unique opportunity for you to break the mold and dig into the reason for the season.

Celebrate the beauty of autumn and the gifts it ushers in, including special holidays for family fun and togetherness — Halloween and Thanksgiving — with some creative writing, right here, right now.

I've provided the creative canvas; you provide the words. Below are three printable fall-themed card designs with blank space on both the front and inside for you to personalize with your own autumn poetry, quote or other personal message.

This is where you get to dip into your own well of inspiration and find authentic words and feelings to share. You have the option to print the cards and hand write your message, or even pull the file into a graphics program and set your own typeface and design.

To further inspire you, here's what I wrote on mine:

Crisp colorful paper thin
Iridescent sheaths encasing growth
Cyclical shedding for renewal
Readying to begin again

Chris Dunmire


  • Print a blank Autumn greeting card on card stock, textured, or colored paper
  • Fold the card in half
  • Using gel pens, colored pencils, or markers, write a catchy, personalized front cover blurb, quote, proverb, or saying; then write more on the inside of the card
  • Bonus challenge: Make your own creative envelope

Printable Autumn Card Selection

Download Autumn Fall Card #1
Oak leaves with acorn (PDF 59KB).

Download Fall Card #2
Leaf assortment (PDF 69KB).

Download Fall Card #3
Leaf assortment with acorns (PDF 43KB).

Creative Takeaway and Next Step:

Notice how this prompt inspired you. Once you got started, how fast did the creative ideas flow?

Still inspired? I've another container for that creative energy — strike while the iron is hot: Design your own autumn card from scratch.

Use your creative art or collage skills to make your own images by hand or with graphic design software like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, or Microsoft Word or Publisher.

Be true to yourself; resist the temptation to use premade elements, memes, or photos or copying someone else's design.

Stretch your creative muscles and make something uniquely yours! You will be much more satisfied with your work. That's the payoff. The bonus reward is that recipients will cherish your shared gifts.

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