Cookie Fortune

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Have you ever cracked open a fortune cookie after a plate of General Tso's chicken with a side of egg rolls just to see what that little slip of paper inside had in store for you?

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I love fortune cookies for their inspiring, novel simplicity and agree with Angela Mack about the messages inside. She observed in her Chronic Creativity segment Offline Inspiration, "Fortune cookies are totally creative. They are random little quotes that come out of a cookie and have the ability to encourage."

Write Your Own Cookie Fortunes!

TemplateWriter's Challenge: Make a Fortune! Once upon a time long before Twitter tweets and Facebook updates, fortune cookie messages informed and inspired.

Yes, on tiny slips of paper, sages fit a lot of wisdom or sillyness into small spaces, a hopeful surprise and fitting conclusion to the ritual of Chinese takeout.

Want to get in on the fortune-writing fun? You bet you can! Your challenge is to craft a funny message or words of wisdom into up to three short lines. If you're counting spaces, try to do it within 132 characters/spaces.

What message do you dream of finding in your next fortune cookie? What wisdom do you wish others would find? Make a game out of the limited space, lines, and characters found on a cookie message to create a one-sentence story or unforgettable message. A story in three words... haiku... a writing crumb... The possibilities are endless (but short)!

Teachers: Download and print my Cookie Fortune Template to use in the classroom to visually inspire your writing students.

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