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The Center for Creative Emergence -
Creativity Coaching : Michelle James

Spotlight On: Michelle James

Creative Emergence Process: New Ideas and Solutions

Michelle JamesMichelle James supports individuals and organizations in cultivating their signature processes, models, frameworks and approaches — their original emergent offerings. Using the natural principles of emergence with creativity, she developed the whole-brain, whole-systems Creative Emergence Process. It's used for drawing out that which is calling to emerge — new ideas, solutions, directions, strategies, services, products, processes, etc. As CEO of The Center for Creative Emergence, Michelle does this through consulting, facilitating, workshops and creative emergence coaching. Michelle's background includes organizational development, marketing communications and the media. She is an abstract painting artist, a performer of improvised plays with Precipice Improv, and a CoreSomatics® Movement and Bodywork Master Practitioner. She recently established Quantum Leap Business Improv — business improv theater for leaps in thinking, being, and innovating — and founded the Capitol Creativity Network in Washington, DC.

Creativity Articles by Michelle James

15 Foundations for Facilitating Creativity
By Michelle James
A loose guide and exploration of the fullness of whole-brain experience.

The Self-Organization of Creative Emergence
By Michelle James
Emergence happens where the visible and the invisible meet.

Culture of Creativity
By Michelle James
8 Practices to establish a creative working culture and get the ball rolling.

From Impossible to Elegant
By Michelle James
The philosophy and practices of Moshe Feldenkrais, the creator of The Feldenkrais Method.

7 Principles of Improv for Creative Flow and Co-creativity
By Michelle James
The principles that allow this to happen are simple, yet profound.

From Competition to Co-creation
By Michelle James
Expanding your playing field to be at choice.

Creativity: The Constant Invitation
By Michelle James
Creativity is not just the domain of those in the arts — it's there for everyone all the time.

Navigating the Unknown: 7 Reflection Tools
By Michelle James
The more you work with the unknown as a co-creative partner, the easier it is to stay grounded in the winds of change.

Logic and Madness
By Michelle James
World Science online just put out an article, "Studies find logic lurking in madness" in which they draw connections between pure logical thinking and madness.

Natural Resistance
By Michelle James
Creativity, by its nature, births into the world something new. This article discusses three ways to navigate the terrain of natural resistance.