Moxie Up! with Valery Satterwhite

Valery SatterwhiteValery will teach you how to Moxie Up! Her definition of Moxie is: The confident courage to achieve authentic greatness with unrelenting drive and passion. Claim your truth, own your power and command your stage with Moxie Therapy. Bring out the bigger, more vibrant and expressive person within you that you know is there. This is your purpose.

Interview with Valery Satterwhite: Empowering the Wizard Within

I discovered my Inner Wizard at a very young age. It spoke to me all the time, inspiring me and expressing what my heart longed for. I struggled in life because I didn't honor and listen to this voice of my intuition and truth. Instead, I followed advice and direction from others and, in doing so, gave up my authenticity and personal power.

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Valery Satterwhite: Empowering the Wizard Within

By Molly Anderson | Posted 10/1/09 | Updated 4/29/24

"Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." —Dr. Seuss

WizardQ: How did you first discover your own Inner Wizard™?

A: I discovered my Inner Wizard at a very young age. It spoke to me all the time, inspiring me and expressing what my heart longed for. I struggled in life because I didn't honor and listen to this voice of my intuition and truth. Instead, I followed advice and direction from others and, in doing so, gave up my authenticity and personal power. I gave up my dream of being a dancer, gave up on allowing myself to express my truth. I lost touch with what inspired me, what gave me energy, what expressed my very soul.

Q: What led you to start empowering and expressing your Inner Wizard's desires, and how do you facilitate this process in others?

A: There was a defining moment about 5 years ago when I said to myself, "I am DONE with this way of living. I will not, spend the rest of my life in quiet longing and desperation!"

In that moment a calm, powerful, knowing voice within me said "You can live the creative and delicious life you dream of, and mentor others to do the same."

Now, I mentor and coach others to express their truth and live the creative and delicious life they dream of. To help others live an empowered, joyful and authentic life, I first help them rediscover who they are. So many people live through their conditioning- they've forgotten who they came into the world to be. They've lost touch with their natural talents, passions and desires.

A person can get really good at living contrary to their nature, but it's exhausting. People who are chronically tired or still don't know who they want to be when they grow up are classic examples of people who are out of touch with who they are at their deepest core.

Reconnecting with your authentic self is profoundly empowering. The next step is to examine the belief systems that 'run' the feelings, choices and outcomes currently experienced. We examine thought patterns, and look at what creates stress, how people get in their own way, or hold themselves back from what they desire. We examine what works and what doesn't, and why.

In the examination process we shine new light, form new perspectives, and integrate new thoughts and belief systems that are in alignment with their truth, purpose and passion in life. This enables them to successfully create a life experience that feeds their soul, energizes them, and makes their heart sing.

Q: Tell us about the Inner Wizard Journal you've created to help others in their creative journey? What inspired you to create it and what makes it a unique and useful tool?

A: Journaling is one of the best ways to tap into your Inner Wizard. There is something powerful about putting your innermost thoughts down on paper. The Journal reflects back to you — even as you write — what you are expressing, what you are feeling and your deepest unspoken thoughts.

In this reflection, in this new light, you can examine your thoughts, form new perspectives, dig even deeper to reveal what you really long for as you unearth your truth. You will begin the dialogue with your Inner Wizard — that part of you that knows who you are and what you long to experience.

I created the Journal, complete with empowering Wizard Wizdom tips and inspiring quotes, because journaling is such a transformational experience. It is my gift to anyone who engages in a series of Empower the Wizard Within sessions with me.

Your Inner Wizard supports you as you express your full creative potential. Your Inner Wizard is always by your side, leading you every step of the way as you playfully turn your dreams and desires into very real experiences. My goal and intention is to reconnect you with this internal resource, so that you are fully able to tap into this wisdom whenever you are challenged or seek inspiration.

Q: What is the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile, or CORE MAP? It's not just another personality profile! Can you take us through the process of creating this self-awareness profile, and show how users can benefit from this knowledge?

A: My dear friend and colleague, Sherry Buffington PhD, developed the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile to look beneath the surface of the conditioned person.

People often confuse the CORE Multidimensional Awareness profile with a personality profile. There are a lot of personality profiles that do a very good job of revealing who a person THINKS she is. Often times, this is more a reflection of their conditioning than their true nature. If you don't like a personality profile result, then the result does NOT reflect who you are. You love who you really are, without exception. What you long for is also in alignment with who you are. That's why you yearn for that experience!

So many people are living inauthentic lives instead of their truth. They've been living this way for so long, they think it's who they are. As Thoreau said, "The masses of men lead lives of desperation and go to their graves with the song still in them." An inauthentic life is a desperate life. The CORE Multidimensional AWARENESS Profile is empowering — it will make you aware of who you really are on all dimensional levels.

As a trained and certified CORE MAP facilitator I determine what traits and preferences are conditioned and what are true natural traits and preferences. I look for what triggers stress and anxiety, and what behavior patterns are exhibited under stress.

The test results give me a roadmap for the personal facilitation process. I look for inconsistencies and examine them with the client. Through further questioning we are able to reveal true nature — authenticity.

Once the results are revealed I work to empower my clients so they can express their truth and potential authentically. They learn to live in alignment with who they really are and what they really want. They learn how they get in their own way, and how to make newer and better choices. Clients develop new ways of approaching life that engage and energize them.

Q: You also work as an Artists Mindset Mentor and Coach. What can people discover about themselves through working with you?

A: I mentor and coach creative artists of all types — actors, artists, performers, musicians, writers — to Empower their Inner Wizard. Many creative people have a subconscious belief that they can't make a living at their craft and face rejection every day. Entertainers, in particular, may base their personal value on the feedback they get from an idolizing public and hired entourage.

What some people view as narcissistic selfishness is really a hidden internal self-loathing and emptiness that leads to self-sabotaging and irrational behavior. No amount of positive feedback and public adoration can fill the emptiness inside, so the pattern of misguided actions and behavior continues repeatedly in a desperate attempt to just feel good.

Creative people who do not seek the limelight struggle with many of the same issues. If their work is rejected, they feel personally rejected. The impossible goal of perfectionism in their craft often blocks their flow of creative expression. If an artist really believes that they'll never earn a living as an artist, they will subconsciously work very hard to make sure what they believe is true! They will consistently get in their own way of becoming successful, making a living at what they love to do.

Clients discover ways to love themselves and honor their truth as they express their full potential as an artist. They learn to develop their craft as they bring forth that which is already within them, and create in whatever medium that makes their heart sing. They also learn how to create the artistic expression and life experience they long for.

Q: How does your work as a mentor and coach dovetail with your Inner Wizard workshops and consultations?

A: My greatest high is when someone makes that little empowering shift that absolutely transforms their life in a positive and profound way. There is no greater joy. I mentor and coach others to connect with their Inner Wizard, who will always lead them closer to what it is they desire. I'm creating a variety of programs for my clients, including workshops and individual mentoring and coaching sessions. I have a downloadable 12-module self-study program called "Empower the Wizard Within." I also wrote an eBook titled You SUCK! How To Turn Your Lying Fraidy-Cat Inner Critic Into a Confident Courageous Fan, about the lies your Inner Critic tells you to hold you back every day. I'm featured in a soon-to-be published book, "Art of Success", by Joyce Schwarz, the author of "The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life." I'm also working on my blogs and articles and a variety of new products.

Q: How do you juggle all of these creative balls?

A: I guess I love to juggle. If I drop a ball or two, it's ok because I'll learn something valuable in the process. Every dropped ball has given me even greater skill, love and appreciation for my life.

Q: What's your favorite way to rejuvenate your Inner Wizard and keep the creative magic flowing?

A: Laugh. Laughter is such positive energy. I say YES to every opportunity that inspires me and look for the gift in every experience.

Q: What advice might you have for those still in the thrall of a ruthless Inner Critic?

A: I suggest that they take a deep breath and stop beating up on themselves. Know that you already have everything you need to do what you want in life. You can stay committed to the life you are living now, as a victim to your own Inner Critic, or you can create the life you dream of. It's your choice.

Q: What empowering message would you like to leave with us?

A: If I could give you one gift, I would give you the ability to see yourself as I see you, so that you could see how truly special you are at your deepest core. The life you long for is what you are here to experience. Honor and acknowledge this truth by saying YES to what you long for. This longing is your heart calling you to bring forth that which is already within you out into the world. This is your gift, your birthright and the life you are here to live.

"Live, live, LIVE! Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!" —Patrick Dennis, author of Auntie Mame

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