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Moxie Therapy
Creativity Coaching : Valery Satterwhite

Valery Satterwhite Teaches You How to Moxie Up!

Valery SatterwhiteValery will teach you how to Moxie Up! Her definition of Moxie is: The confident courage to achieve authentic greatness with unrelenting drive & passion. Claim your truth, own your power & command your stage with Moxie Therapy. Bring out the bigger, more vibrant and expressive person within you that you know is there. This is your purpose.

An Interview with Valery Satterwhite
By Molly Anderson-Childers
Valery Satterwhite discusses her workshops and specialty in helping people connect to their desires and live their dreams in this exclusive Creative Careers in the Arts interview.

Moxie Therapy is not for everyone. As your personal Moxie Master, troubleshooter, coach and mentor I don't give boilerplate advice or offer canned coaching programs. I am fully invested in helping you get what you want. To do this, I may say things or challenge you in ways that make you uncomfortable. I'll shake it up — teach you how to look at your creative expression and your life from different viewpoints and expanded perspectives.

You will be treated with love, respect and without judgments. The process is stimulating and we'll have some fun! My total focus and commitment is on You and the achievement of your goals. You can do it — within 90 days — if you really want make an empowering difference in your life.

Creativity Articles by Valery Satterwhite

Moxie Therapy (New Article Series)
By Valery Satterwhite
Unless you are tapped in to your Nature, your authenticity, instead of your Nurture, your conditioning, you cannot express your MOXIE.

How to Empower Yourself for the New Year
By Valery Satterwhite
Too often people feel like they've fallen short of their expectations of themselves and spend the time beating themselves up over mistakes, missed opportunities or what 'could have been'.

How to Rise Above Challenging Circumstances
By Valery Satterwhite
Become a creator of your experience, not a victim of your circumstance.

How Penelope Cruz Leverages Her Fear to Create Mastery
By Valery Satterwhite
Penelope Cruz makes no secret that she's terrified when she embarks on a new project, a new role.

Fakin' It? Not Really Makin' It?
By Valery Satterwhite
There is a clear distinction between merely faking something and believing in your potential.

Actress Emily Blunt — A Power of Intention Wizard
By Valery Satterwhite
Actress Emily Blunt walked into her audition and firmly announced "I'm here to play Queen Victoria and I'm not leaving until you give me the job."

Drew Barrymore's Secret to Success: Parent Your Self
By Valery Satterwhite
Instead of continuing to act as a mirrored reflection of her Mother's misguided influence, Drew acts as the Mother who guides her child, herself, in a positive and supportive method of parenting.

Rip Off The Band-aid and Take The Note: Sage Advice From A Hollywood Wizard
By Valery Satterwhite
Listening to Krista Vernoff, Emmy-nominated, Golden Globe-winning head writer and executive producer of the television show "Grey's Anatomy" talk about her road to success.

Cowardly Lion? Tap Into the Wizard Within To Transform Fear
By Valery Satterwhite
Lessons on overcoming fear from the lion in Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz.

The Artist Soul Can Be Kidnapped by the Inner Critic
By Valery Satterwhite
For many artists, challenges are very personal. And one of the biggest challenges is the Critic in the room, the Inner Critic.

How to Transform Performance Anxiety
By Valery Satterwhite
The only thing can hold you back from living the life you dream of is Yourself!

Stuck in a Creative Rut? You May Be Following Fools Rules
By Valery Satterwhite
Life is a game. Whether you enjoy life or not depends upon the rules — your own personal rules of life.

How to Drop Your Creative Resistance
By Valery Satterwhite
The simple truth is creativity functions best when you let go of resistance to the creative flow.

Creative Mastery: How To Let Go of Technique and Trust Intuition
By Valery Satterwhite
How can you spend more time in, rather than out of, your zone of creative mastery?

Commit to Your Authentic Expression — The Muse in Timothy Leary
By Valery Satterwhite
To me, the 60s represent a colorful and creative explosion of the human spirit.

The Tao of Pippi Longstocking — An Enormous Creative Being
By Valery Satterwhite
Author Astrid Lindgren's profound life-affirming philosophy.

Expectations Keep You Stuck
By Valery Satterwhite
People who hold grand expectations often find themselves at the knees of procrastination.

The Magical Flow Approach to Creativity
By Valery Satterwhite
Inspiration always flows in a path of least resistance and when you try and struggle you are pushing up against your natural creative expression.

Analysis Paralysis and Other Insane Creative Blocks
By Valery Satterwhite
Do you find yourself stuck in a rut bogged down in the tweaking, revising, and rethinking against the wall routine of procrastination?

Limiting Belief Busters: Top 5 Wake-Up Calls
By Valery Satterwhite
Any thought you have that limits your ability to be, do and have what you want in life is a limiting belief.

How to Create More Business Creatively
By Valery Satterwhite
Learn how to mindfully get out of your own way with your attitudes and beliefs about the business end of art.