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The Zone:
How to Get In It
and Stay In It

The Zone is a magical space where we are super creative and super productive.

By Tom Evans | Updated 6/20/15

Our performances are effortless when we are in it. Our creative output is perfection itself when we are in The Zone. We love watching our sports women and men, or our favourite singer or band, when they are at the top of their game and ‘on fire’. We feel for them if they are off form.

Just imagine, in business, what it would be like if clients just find you, just when you need them. When you are in The Zone, times of hardship and struggle fast become a distant memory. In our personal lives, when you are in The Zone, you tend to be surrounded by supportive friends and families. You also tend to form longer lasting, more stable relationships.

If you find yourself out of The Zone, it can be a lonely place to be. You might wonder what you have done wrong to deserve your lot in life.

Featured Zone Extracts

The Healing Zone
The real Healing Zone is a place we go in our minds.

The Fear Zone
Fears are generally a good thing. They keep us safe and sometimes even keep us alive.

The Addiction Zone
Many addictions start off as routines and the first level of addiction can be relatively harmless or even beneficial.

The Guilt Zone
Guilt comes at us from two directions. It can be externally applied or internally generated. The former kind of guilt leads to the latter.

The Sadness Zone
The worst thing you can do to someone who is sad is to tell them to snap out of it, or that things could be worse.

The Anger Zone
Like gravity, we know anger exists and that it is extremely pervasive. We can feel its significant external influence but nobody can see it.

The Negative Zone
If you spend too much time swamped in negativity, you can easily end up wallowing in more than one of these unhealthier zones.

The Decision Zone
Entrepreneurs, artists and performers who reach the pinnacle all did so by making good decisions, at just the right time.

The Time Zone
Time is nowhere near fixed as is thought. In fact, the manner in which we think even affects the passage of time.

The Learning Zone
Just imagine that you could ‘earn more’ if you ‘learned more.’ And that forging new neural pathways can offset the onset of dementia.

The Creative Zone
The key to managing creative process is to recognise that there is not one zone but several.

The Entrepreneurial Zone
It takes a special person to enter the Entrepreneurial Zone. Only extra special people though can stay in it for any length of time.

The Performance Zone
The great thing about performing live is that when it’s over, it’s over. There’s no need to do it again.

Out of the Zone
When we stray out of the zone, we may find we have wandered into the Danger Zones.

In The Zone
We all like to be 'in the zone.' Everything happens so magically when we are there.

The Zone Introduction
We all like to be 'in the zone.' Everything happens so magically when we are there.

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