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The Fortunately // Unfortunately Card Pair

Polarity or complementary forces?

With Madam Bedazzle | Posted 9/25/22 | Updated 7/19/23

With the launch of Creativity Portal's Cookie Fortune Maker (CFM), Madam Bedazzle says there's some important lessons to be had around fortunes. In this card reading, Bedazzle hones in on the common pairing of fortunately // unfortunately in the the game of optimistic one-upping. As always, remember Bedazzle's advice is always well-meaning, even if a little iffy.

Bedazzle's Tarotble Deck Deal

Fortunately / Unfortunately"Welcome! Please come in, sit, and make yourself comfortable…

Today we will be looking at the Fortunately // Unfortunately card pair through the glass of the snow globe.

Let us consider the lessons they echo through the flakes of a quiet snowfall.

At first, these words appear to be two opposite or contradictory aspects, a polarity of forces symbolizing good and bad.

But do not be fooled!

Always remember to look beyond mere appearances to find the deeper meaning within.

Fortunately / UnfortunatelyThe Fortunately // Unfortunately pair is a yin-yang of complimentary forces bringing forth optimism, but with a side of caution.

Yes, in tandem, this pair activates cognitive awareness around the power of reframing despite a looming Monkey's Pwned.1,2

You always have choice before you. Kung Pao Chicken or Sweet and Sour Pork?

And when challenges arrive, you can choose to reframe them in a new way as you appreciate the lessons in, and positive aspects, of a situation. A flat tire? Today you get to work at home!

But do not wish for a flat tire so you can work from home. The Monkey's Pwned holds a possibility of being owned by your desire in places where unintended consequences can show up even with the best of intentions. If you wish for one flat tire, you may get two as a bed of nails lies in wait. And one donut in the trunk won't help you here!2

The perennial adage applies: You can't control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond to it.

There is always a 50/50 chance of rain. It might rain. It might not.

Balancing the Force

Fortunately // Unfortunately presents gifts of cosmic balance3 as illustrated by this dubious anecdote.

Yesterday I went to the store.

Unfortunately, the store didn't have an item I needed.

Fortunately, I saw the item in a cart rolling by.

Unfortunately, I got tackled by security after the shopper yelled "thief!"

Fortunately, the shopper didn't press charges.

Unfortunately, the store granted me a lifetime ban.

Fortunately, Amazon always has what I need.

Madam Bedazzle would never endorse causing harm. Stealing from another's cart is a creative solution, but it leaves a void of want in the ethersphere. Better to gently swap Indiana Jones-style and stay ahead of the ball.

The universe hath spoken.


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