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The ChristmaStreess Card

Encouraging tough love around the Christmas season.

With Madam Bedazzle | Posted 3/5/23 | Updated 7/19/23

♪ It's the most difficult time of the year ♪

Living on Kaffeklubben Island, Madam Bedazzle says when the North Pole's seasonal sleigh traffic ramps up, so do stress levels. Oh deer‽

Likewise, as Christmas approaches, the end-of-year wrap-up, gift-shopping, ADVENTURE-making, cookie-baking, and holiday-eating will use up your dashes and take its Toll House.

Bedazzle pulls another card from The Halls™ Deck, the ChristmasTreess, and offers the following encouragement laced with tough love…

Bedazzle's Tarotble Deck Deal

Christmastreess Card"The Stressed-Out Christmas Tree card seems like the opposite of calm, undisturbed, peaceful, and serene. It appears this way because it is!

But do not let this discourage you. For stress that pressures can help produce yielding flexi-bil-ity.

If you are tense, waning, or weary this week, just remember in your country there's no more Federal holidays (time off) after New Year's Day until May! Residents of Kaffeklubben don't even get days off! Make the most of your precious downtime, grateful for what you have.

As for de-stress, find ways to relax, celebrate, and add extra paragraph breaks whenever needed.

Also try a warm bath and expressing yourself with an interrobang. CAUTION‽ Use this quest-clamation point appropriately and in moderation, as overuse often leads to symbolic addiction‽"

The universe hath spoken.

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