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The Foreshadow Cookie Card

Tuning into what's coming (or going).

With Madam Bedazzle | Posted 3/5/23 | Updated 11/26/23

Existing in the Northern Hemisphere at least since the 14th Century, the highly-intuitive, suggestive, The Halls™ Deck is used by skilled practitioners of the Arts and Crafts coterie to interpret, forecast, and crochet symbols, motifs, and typography into affirming messages.

Expectedly, skilled dealers pull a card and weave an interpretive reading into a sitter's tapestry of wishes and desires — gently nudging towards a productive direction. Readings can only occur during the wintertide, and outside of December, are the rarest of kinds.

Some creatives fear when certain cards are pulled. For instance, the Dark Foreshadow Cookie card, a seeming ominous image which may initially give the impression that something bad is about to happen, is commonly cited as 'a bad deal.'

But, according to Madam Bedazzle, an esteemed deck dealer from Kaffeklubben Island, the card actually has a sweet interpretation which she's gifted to us today. Imagine it in whichever Kaffeklubben accent suits you best.

Bedazzle's Tarotble Deck Deal

Foreshadow Cookie Card"The Dark Foreshadow Cookie card need not be feared, for it holds an important message for you this season which you must embrace with courage.

As you see, the cookie is running, a sign for things to come very soon. What things, only you know.

The cookie is also smiling, which means he is moving towards something delightful. Or is happy to get away. Take your pick.

The shadow, ah, you have much work to do around shadows. Start by changing out your old light bulbs to LEDs."

The Halls™ Deck is one of the most rarest forms of trademarked intuitive card decks that exists activated deep within your imagination.

The universe hath spoken.

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