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Part 2: Collage Cubies Project Overview

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By Chris Dunmire | Posted 6/1/05 | Updated 7/23/23

Collage Cubies are easy to make with few supplies and materials. Each Cubie can stand alone as a unique piece of art, and when combined with other Cubies as sculpture, mobile, or kinetic art, the options for creative expression are endless.

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a single Collage Cubie using my process and printable template (also available in an 11 x 17" format). After you understand the basic technique you can create as many Cubies as you like with my template or with your own cube or box ideas. My template Cubie "box" is white by default, but feel free to choose your own box colors, decorative papers, and other collage embellishments to make your work of art personal and unique. Following are useful tips to help guide you along.

Tips for Optimal Collage Cubie Creation

Box folding:

Practice cutting and folding a plain uncollaged box before creating your first Collage Cubie. This trial run will help you work out any kinks in the cube folding process and give you insight into the finished Cubed Collage layout.

Cuts and folds:

Neat, careful cuts and precision folds on the box template will make the Collage Cubie construction easier and positively impact the look of the finished design.

Easy on the glue:

Remember to apply light coats of Mod-Podge or glue when assembling and finishing the collage. Too much glue will take a long time to dry and possibly warp your canvas/support (card stock).

Be creative!

Collage Cubies are designed to be fun to make and will delight you with an unexpected twist when they're fully assembled. The entire process may take some practice to perfect, so don't fret if your first few Cubies are rough around the edges. With more folding practice and collaging imagination, you'll soon become a master Cubie Artist (not to be confused with "Cubist").

Project Materials & Tools Needed:

  • Collage Cubie Template (8.5 x11" or 11x17")
  • Newspaper (or some type of craft paper to set your "in process" collage art on)
  • Card stock or thick paper. Any color can be use as long as it's light enough for the template lines to show through when printed on.
  • Printer (inkjet or laser)
  • X-ACTO ® or craft knife and blades and cutting mat
  • Metal ruler (corked back recommended)
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush or sponge wedges
  • Mod-Podge ®, regular white glue and container, or liquid starch
  • Double-sided transparent tape

Project Set up:

You'll need two small areas to work in. One space will be for cutting on a mat, and the other for designing your collage. For the collage space, tape down a piece of craft paper to protect your working surface. Get all of your supplies and materials together within reach of your workspace.

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Collage Cubies Project by Chris Dunmire

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Print Cubie Templates: 8.5 x11" | 11x17"