Collage Cubies

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Collage Cubies: How to Create Innovative 3D Paper Art Sculpture

By Chris Dunmire | Posted 6/1/05 | Updated 8/17/23

"Just wanted to say what a wonderful idea the Collage Cubies are. Can't wait to try one out myself. Well done Chris Dunmire, what a clever person you are! Sending colourful wishes from Inverness, Scotland." —Iris

Collage Cubies Project by Chris DunmireCollage Cubies are a fun play on traditional collage art which results in a three-dimensional sculpture with delightful, and often unexpected results.

This step-by-step project includes two printable Collage Cubie templates for large and small cubes. Try making Collage Cubies once and you'll never view paper collage art from 'inside the box' again!

Part 1: Collage Cubies Introduction

Don't just collage it — CUBE it! Collage Cubies are a fun play on traditional collage in that instead of simply producing a two-dimensional work of art, this creative technique allows you to first design your collage flat, and then fold it into a three-dimensional sculpture with delightful, and often unexpected results!

My innovative Collage Cubies tutorial takes you on a self-guided tour of collage, decoupage, paper model folding, and 3D sculpture. Try this once and you'll never view your paper collage art from 'inside the box' again!

Collage Squared: The Inspiration

The idea of turning a flat collage into a three-dimensional "Cubie" came to me while I was brainstorming how to take an ordinary art form and make it into an extraordinary one. Since collage is one of my favorite "flexible" forms of art it lent itself well to this experiment and by design had one exciting twist: The final work of art is revealed only when the collage is cubed!

While thinking my idea through, I meticulously measured and plotted a printable template for the Cubie. After several attempts at cutting, folding, and assembling the Cubie to make sure it had the right integrity and was stable enough for heavy-duty collaging, I next got busy on the collage construction process.

After enthusiastic effort, I determined the type of art that seemed to work best with the folded Cubie design was a mix between collage and decoupage; that is, laying down flat collage and then Mod-Podgeing over it. The result is a smooth, sealed finish for the Cubies. Of course, you can always deviate anywhere in this project and experiment with your own ideas, materials, and methods. Think of mine as an "Art Prompt" just to get you going.

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Collage Cubies Project by Chris Dunmire

Collage Cubies Project Guide:

Part 1: Introduction

What it is.

Part 2: Project Overview

What you'll need.

Part 3: Collaging Cubie Template

Your unique creative contribution.

Part 4: Transforming into 3D Cubie

Paperfold engineering.


Derivative, using the same wheel approach.

Print Cubie Templates: 8.5 x11" | 11x17"