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By Chris Dunmire | Posted 6/1/05 | Updated 7/23/23

Folded Cubies

Your finished Collage Cubies can stand alone, or if you want to be more adventurous, stack or strung together with others. Indeed, the creative things you can do with your Collage Cubies are as infinite as your imagination!

If you're interested in tying your Collage Cubies together, or adapting them into other art forms (such as mobiles or kinetic sculpture), here's two ways to string them together:

String through a side.

1. String through a side.

Before closing the final flap of the Cubie, lay your string across the open side before taping the flap down. This won't leave any permanent holes in your Cubie, and you can easily remove the string if you change your mind.

Poke holes.

2. Poke holes.

If you want to string your Cubie through a corner, you can poke holes in the collage on one or more sides. I used a sharp pick to puncture a small hole first, and then a wider tool (such as a pencil) to ream the hole big enough to pass the string through. This option will leave permanent holes in your artwork, but will allow the Cubie to hang differently than the sided string in #1.

What else can you do with your collage skills?

Writing CubiesCollage Cubies for Creative Writing

Maria Chatzi piggyback's on the collage cubie idea with a creative writing and storytelling twist for kids in the classroom. See how her project differs from mine and adds extra dimensions for endless creative fun!

In addition to the squared cube, the Collage Cubie technique can be applied to all kinds of other creative supports. Some examples include book covers, altered books, memory boxes, and bookmarks. Yes, bookmarks! In fact, I've put together a printable bookmark template with three blank bookmarks you may use specifically for this project.

Collage your own bookmarks.Download Blank Bookmark Templates


If you're concerned about sticking a slightly rough collage into the pages of your favorite book, you can approach the bookmark variation of this project in one of two ways:

  1. Use the Cubie Technique: Create the bookmark collage with the same two-step glue application as the Collage Cubies, paying extra attention to a smooth finish, or

  2. Make digital copies of your original bookmark collage by following #1 and then scanning it into your computer (scan at 300 dpi for high-quality print resolution). Import the scanned image of your bookmark collage into a graphics program and then print it on your inkjet or laser printer. Printed bookmarks can be laminated for long-lasting durability.

More technical tips for creating your own bookmarks can be found in this Q & A article: Do you have any free bookmark templates?

Still want more collage ideas? See more of Creativity Portal's Collage Project Inspiration.

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