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Artful Project Prompts

How to Make an Artful Deck of Creative Play Cards

Affirming prompts to inspire creativity.

By Violette |Updated December 6, 2018

CreateBoost your creativity with these fun tiny cards. You can make them for yourself or give them away as gifts. They are inspired by the Angel cards which you randomly pick each day to inspire you.

The Creative Play cards are meant to prompt you to focus on something new each day whether it be to sculpt, dare, make art or paint. Watch your imagination soar when you draw a new card each day!

Materials Needed:

  • PlayCardstock
  • Glitter
  • White glue
  • Collage ephemera
  • Confetti, stars, paper clips
  • Newspapers or magazines
  • Words printed off on the computer
  • Paint
  • Tissue paper
  • Rubberstamps
  • Paper
  • Black felt pen
  • Gold paint pen
  • CreateStickers (stars)
  • Optional — lamination
  • Colour copying

Inspirational Word Bank

meraki, visualize, dig, dance, aspire, breathe, paint, bend, magic, ideas, journal, illuminate, chimerical, draw, inspire, dream, fashion, doodle, invent, innovate, create, express, form, share, embrace, intuit, sketch, enlighten, vagary, excavate, joyous, selcouth, rasasvada, wonder, amazement, fun, be here now, play, love, joy, juicy, magnificient, make art, journey, explore, express creativity

Card-Making Instructions:

  1. Divide a sheet of cardstock up into rectangles. I made my cards approximately 1 x 2".

    Play[NOTE: If you'd like to use a premade format of 36-1 x 2" rectangles, download and print Creativity Portal's free Creative Play Cards template (PDF 12KB) onto a sheet of card stock. Your deck can be any size you like; business card templates, index cards, and heavyweight paper tiles are other sources for your deck if you want a larger canvas to create on.]

  2. Print off inspiring and creative words. I chose 60 of them, 30 per page. Cut them up. You may choose to handwrite your words with a felt pen.

  3. Clip or tear magazine pictures, collage patterned papers and coloured tissue paper that illustrate your word.

  4. Using a combination of collage and painting, decorate your rectangular cards. You can also choose to rubberstamp designs on plain paper then affix to your card.

  5. Glue on the words.

  6. Add the embellishments or decorations: stickers, glitter, confetti, paper clip, pipe cleaners etc.

  7. Border some of your cards with a gold or silver paint pen.

  8. Colour copy if you desire to make more than one set.

  9. Laminate your two pages for durability (you won't be able to laminate the originals as the embellishments might make them too bulky).

  10. Cut the tiny cards.

Creative Play CardsMake a Card Holder:

Find the perfect container for your cards, a dish, a silk drawstring bag or a basket. Give a friend the perfect gift of creativity by placing the cards in a plastic sleeve. Package the cards like I did with another piece of collage and Voila! You now have a very special gift!

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Violette's Creativity Tips

Art Party Fun!

Add a bit of zest and creative spirit to your gatherings by hosting an art party! I often have friends come over, young and old to play in my studio and create magical pieces of art. Laughter and happy revelations ensue as you busy yourself letting creative energy flow from your fingertips.

9 Ingredients for a juicy art party:
  1. Invitations to your tribe of people.
  2. A place to create where messiness is welcomed.
  3. Art supplies — you need to decide if you as the host/hostess will be supplying materials or if you want your guests to bring their own.
  4. A theme for the evening.
  5. Refreshments: wine, coffee, tea and munchies.
  6. Music for ambience.
  7. A start time and finish time.
  8. Books or magazines available to spur the muse on.
  9. Samples of finished projects.
Possible themes:
  • Creative altars (made from Altoid tins)
  • Inner and outer YOU Masks
  • Visual Journaling
  • Altered Books
  • Painted Journey Suitcase
  • Papier mache animals or puppets!

Let your imagination soar as you come up with innovative ideas to add a new dimension to your next get-together!

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