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Violette's Journal Prompts and Art Inspired Projects

Visual Journaling, Altered Art, Writing, and Folk Art Fun

VioletteViolette Clark was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1954. She has a passion for bringing creativity into everything she touches including her art, home, van, clothing and parties! Since she has witnessed firsthand the healing qualities of the creation of art, Violette loves encouraging others to access that and increase the joy level in their lives. She lives her life OUT LOUD, authentically and unabashedly and by doing so inspires others to do the same! Sometimes her best advice is to "Let Silly in!"

"Most of the art I create is about journeying to myself," says Violette. "Although I come from Casablanca, Morocco, and have settled in British Columbia, I have finally come home to me. Where we are born defines and shapes us, along with all of the other places we explore that have captured our hearts. I am influenced by exotic and colourful cultures as I feel a kinship to those places that honour the creative, spiritual and passionate parts of ourselves. Spanish roots have influenced my taste in music, art and colours, and Arabic motifs appear throughout my home. My travels to Central America have also impacted me. The element of kitsch in my art definitely has its origins in the Mexican Day of the Dead decorations. I am attracted to the gaudy and glittery because of my penchant towards eschewing pretensions."

Violette's whimsical magic cottage and gaily festooned Glittergirl van have captured the attention of several TV shows including Discovery Channel's Weird Homes and HGTV's Sue Warden's Creative Décor as well as W's Head over Wheels. Her art has appeared in Artella Magazine, Somerset Studio and in various other publications. She has designed a line of greeting cards and rubberstamps as well as scrapbooking illustrations and lettering.

Violette facilitates workshops on Visual Journaling and Mask Making as well as teaches individuals to release the creative spirit within. Her online blog and art tips share some of her art and process with readers. Learn more at her Web site

Violette's Visual Journaling Prompts and Folk Art Fun

Interview with VioletteInterview with Eccentric Artist Violette

Violette chats with Chris Dunmire about her coloring book for adults, the Chickenlady, visual journaling, the creative process, and inspiration related to her art, vision, and philosophy (July 2005).

Journal Bliss Excerpt: Symbolic StoriesJournal Bliss: Symbolic Stories

One way to tell the stories of your life on paper is to choose a pertinent story from someone you care about and relate it to your own experiences in order to realize a deeper connection on the pages of your journal. Can you see that life is simply full of blissful journaling fodder?

Journal Bliss Excerpt: DoodlingJournal Bliss: Doodling

Who doesn't love to doodle? Your doodles can be windows to your soul. When you doodle absentmindedly, you relinquish control of your left brain and allow your right brain to take over. That's when the magic happens.

Visual JournalingIntuitive Listening: Visual Journaling by the Seat of Your Pants!

Getting started with visual journaling: free your subconscious mind and tap into your inner wisdom and insights. Visual Journaling need not be daunting or inaccessible to the novice visual journaler. The way I like to approach it is in an intuitive manner or by the seat of my pants!

Plaster bandage mask making projectPlaster Mask Making Project

Unmasking the inner and outer you! One of the most transformative and creative acts you can undertake is to create a mask of your face. Originally masks were created not as art objects but objects that were imbued with an incredible amount of sacred power.

Funky Journal CoverFunky Journal Cover Project

What should you do with all of your loose art and journal pages? Bind them inside of your own Funky Journal Cover, that's what! If you are like me and like to journal on loose pages of card stock then you're going to love creating this Journal Cover to hold your pages.

Creative Spirit Doll ProjectCreative Spirit Doll Project

Create a delightful spirit doll to help you connect with the divine in you and bring more creativity into your life. Use these dolls to evoke a sense of the sacred in your home, altar or office. Includes free printable doll pattern.

Creative Play Cards ProjectArtful Affirming Creative Play Cards Project

Boost your creativity with these artful and affirming fun tiny cards. The Creative Play cards are meant to prompt you to focus on something new each day whether it be to sculpt, dare, make art or paint. Includes free printable cards template.

Altered Purse ProjectAltered Purse Project

This is a fun project if you want to resurrect an old purse and exercise your creative juices with altered art. You can put almost anything onto your purse as long as you use the proper adhesive and numerous coats of Mod Podge and varnish.

Glittery Globe ProjectGlittery Globe Project

Imagine looking at an old discarded hard soccer ball and visualizing a fun and funky painted globe! A similar treatment can be given to a real globe or a discarded bowling ball or even a large styrofoam ball!

Namaste Sign ProjectNamaste Sign Project

Greet visitors to your home with a wooden Namaste sign. Namaste is a sanskrit word meaning "the light in me honours the light in you" or "the divinity in me bows to the divinity in you".