Art of the Song

Painter and Teacher Maria Mikhailas

Maria MikhailasMaria Mikhailas is a long time painter, teacher and dreamer — dreaming the dream, painting the dream and teaching the dreamer to dream. She dreams and paints in northern New Mexico where while enfolded by mountain peaks one can touch the sky and hear the quiet prayer of the wind. Maria apprenticed for 10 years with Taos mystic painter Herman Rednick, studied with San Francisco sculptor Harriet Moore, and completed Michele Cassou and Stewart Cupley's 3-year Teacher Training Program in process painting.

In this series, Maria explores how to access creativity, welcoming mistakes as opportunities, seeing creative blocks as muse directions, and balancing creative process with training techniques.

What is Creativity and How Do We Access It?

The human being is creative, the same way a rose has a fragrance.

The Fear of Making Mistakes

Why not welcome missteps as opportunities?

Creative Blocks: An Artist's Best Friend

Could the Muse be steering you in a new direction?

Creativity: Balancing Training and Process

We can use the technical tools that we have acquired in our training in service to our creative lives and the seeker of truth within.