Art of the Song

Musician and Author John Dillon

John DillonJohn Dillon is co-host and co-producer of Art of the Song Coffeehouse with his wife Vivian Nesbitt. Originating in Taos, NM, Art of the Song explores creativity and inspiration through in-depth interviews with makers of folk, jazz, roots and blues music. For more information and to find a station near you visit

The History of Creativity

Creativity began about 40,000 years ago when our ancestors first made tools out of bone and ivory.

Creative Renaissance

We appear to be in the midst of a cultural transition. Over 38 million Americans make their living in a creative or related field.

Creativity in the 21st Century

CEOs identify creativity as the number one leadership competency of the successful enterprise of the future.

We All Have a Song to Sing

Let's look at "song" as a metaphor for whatever you feel drawn to do as creative expression.

Inner and Outer Creative Sources

Taking a look at "physical place" and "inner peace" as sources of inspiration and creativity.

Creativity is for Everyone!

The creative process is a path of discovery. Each of us has a unique creative gift to share with the world.

Welcome to the Creative Renaissance

When you integrate creativity into your life and apply yourself to your passion, you will accomplish great things and create a successful and happy life.