Art of the Song

Writer, Speaker, Songwriter Eileen Kalinowski

Eileen KalinowskiWith a background in education, Eileen was a high school and middle school teacher for many years in the Boston area. She then spent several years in health education, helping adults and kids grapple with issues around sexuality, alcohol and drugs and wellness. The prestigious Wurlitzer Foundation residency in creative writing brought her to Taos and she never returned to New England. She sings, produces her own music, freelance writes for the Taos News, and is a member of the Taos Coalition to End Homelessness. Learn more at

In this series, Eileen Kalinowski explores creating when you don't feel like it, writing and self-doubt, using life as writing material, dipping into the darkness, day jobs, and the messy parts of being creative.

Creating When You Don't Feel Like It

How 10 Minutes can change everything.

Writing and Self-Doubt

Accepting what comes is a good beginning.

I Stand at the Door and Knock

Getting quiet enough to hear what's going on inside.

Life as Writing Material

As a writer of songs, stories, essays, and someday, maybe, a novel, I want to share a bit of wisdom with you that took my breath away.

Writing: Dipping into the Darkness

Writing often pulls us down rabbit holes to places we often avoid because they're unpleasant or difficult or painful, but often leads to healing, understanding, and forgiveness.

Should I Quit My Day Job?

This reasonable, adult-type question touches on the important issues of responsibility, financial security, and creative energy necessary to sustain a worthy work.

'You Should Write More About...'

When someone starts off a sentence with, "You should write..." I feel as if I've been stepped on, diminished somehow — criticized for not doing what I'm supposed to be doing as a writer.

Writing: Just 'Cause It's Messy Doesn't Mean It's Wrong

Creativity is messy. After doing a lot of work on a project you can lose your sense of what it's about or where you're going.

Creativity Loves Company

When we appreciate the newfound joys of creation — a new song, poem, book, or painting — we find the joy is increased tenfold when we share it.