Art of the Song

Painter and Teacher Jan Haller

Jan HallerJan has dedicated her life to the mystery of the creative process and has been a painter for over 45 years. She is the founder of Magic Brush Studios in Taos, New Mexico, where she teaches painting to children and adults. "Painting for the process is the most alive, honest teacher for me. It is a powerful creative freedom." She is currently creating children's Creativity Corners, a kid's book about "Painting and the Silly Monkey Voice" and flags with imagery from her paintings.

Jan explores creativity and the inner critic, intelligence and trust, and the possibilities that await before a blank canvas in this inspiring series.

The Silly Monkey: Creativity & The Inner Critic

The Silly Monkey shows us the thoughts that support our suffering.

Creativity: Intelligent and Trustworthy

Our longing to create doesn't come from a tendency towards a particular talent, but an innate need to manifest the truth of who we are.

A Blank Piece of Paper

When I stand in front of a blank piece of paper to paint, it invokes a vast sense of possibility and the great wonder of what is to appear there.