Punch Your Ticket to Ride

Time to evaluate what you are doing and where you still want to go.

By Patricia J. Mosca | Posted 3/27/06 | Updated 2/15/23

LightAlright, here we are midway through this journey. WOW… this train ride is certainly going fast.

Let's take a moment and see how we have been doing and where we have been on this ride by punching our ticket with acknowledgment.

We started out by setting intentions for ourselves. Allowing ourselves to look forward to accomplishing a goal… being proud of ourselves and allowing ourselves to get back on the train if we made a stop.

Next, we began to allow ourselves to start. We pledged a commitment and a promise to ourselves. We pledged what we could do… what we would do and what we believed in.

After that, we learned to notice the signs around us. To TRUST that we were on the right track. To NURTURE ourselves more. And to BELIEVE in ourselves. Punch your ticket three times for this one.

Next, we looked at our conductors watch. Paying attention to where we can slow down in order to see the beauty around us. Seeing where we are wasting our time and what stops we no longer need to visit.

Then we learned how to light our lantern when we happened to be traveling down a dark tunnel. Allowing ourselves to believe and have faith in ourselves that we can know and see our light.

And here we are… Punching our ticket!

  • Honoring ourselves
  • Taking time for ourselves
  • Believing in ourselves

Print the Journal Prompts Page

My LanternPrint the TICKET TO RIDE journal page (PDF 81KB) to complete the prompts and remember to keep your eye on your destination.

While punching your ticket, take the time to review you last 6 months… take the time and evaluate what you are doing and where you want to go.

  • What did you learn?
  • What would you like to do differently?
  • Where do you want to recommit?

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