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The Starchy Seeds Card

Explosive Potentialities

With Madam Bedazzle | Posted 7/19/23 | Updated 7/29/23

Starchy SeedsAfter playing in Creativity Portal's popcorn art and doodling pages, and conceding Orville Redenbacher as the GOAT snack influencer1, Madam Bedazzle's Fandangoed into dozens of summertime matinees just to gain access to the snack bar. She's also collected 23 movie titles containing the word "popcorn", many of which are not suitable for young viewers.2

Predictably, she's grown thirsty to address the duality of "starch seeds" and their symbolic significance in handfuls of crunches and munches, which by the way, *are* different things.

Madam's also insisted that bucketfulls are the best deal overall, (with a side of Skittles®, of course) even just for one patron, for the dopamine hit alone known as 'the thrill of the refill.' "But you can't reuse the bucket next time," she confesses. "Nor hide in a sticky row overnight to claim a same-day visit refill."

Oh look! she's in line at the concession stand right now. Let's head her off at the butter pump before the movie starts and see what tellings she has for us today. By the way, she's still trying to find her "voice."

Bedazzle's Tarotble Deck Deal

Starchy Seeds CardAh, I see you have returned to me seeking wisdom through small grains of truth.

Today the Starchy Seeds burst into view.

The message contained within this card is two-fold, dealing with dual states of being.

An event in-between separates the two from potentiality to actuality.

First, this kernel of truth: All possibilities began as potentials.

In its initial state, the Starchy Seed is a compacted concentration of proteinic energy.

Pay close attention to what ruptures this potent package.

Heat and pressure.

Temperature and stress.

These forces quickly turn potential inside out.

Expanding 20 to 50 times in its second state of now what is.3

Mythos connects this new creation of rebirth with the Argentine goddess Pochoclos of Maizon and her alluring aromatics through the jungles of Snackington.

She slickly butters up hungry souls in the darkened theatres of villages, salting craving wounds of Polysaccharidees, energy released from Cellulosia.

What wisdom do all seeds contain?

An awaitingness to emerge.

Expressing in multitudes.

Simmering in percolating lubrications and cerebrations.

An inner calescent leading to an unavoidable eventuality.

And in an unexpected moment, what was inside is now outside.

a new creation explodes into being.

With a pop! Pop! Pop!

Do not lift the covering during this transformation. You must wait until the metamorhosis is complete.

Then you may release the steam of consciousness.

Pour into a new vessel to behold.

Allowing satisfaction for the brackish.

With remnants between the denticulations of devourment.

The universe hath spoken.

Copyright ©2023 funmire, Madam Bedazzle. All rights reserved.


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