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With Performing Artist, Producer, and Drama Facilitator Diana Rivera

Diana RiveraDiana Rivera teaches the art of Drama to children, arts integration to teachers and creative empowerment / success to individuals in the creative industry as a Creative Empowerment Coach.

Diana develops original content for children's TV, children's books and professionally for the theatre. Her last show, "Boop," written in conjunction with Elisabeth Millican of Feather Lead, is about the creative birth of the character Betty Boop. She is toward the tail end to being a certified Core Energy Life Coach through iPEC and is developing a course entitled "The Creative Frequency" for emerging to mid-level creatives in Los Angeles. Learn more about Diana at

Interview with Creative Empowerment Coach Diana Rivera

Diana RiveraDiana discusses her personal creative journey, coaching methods, and work developing original content for children's TV, children's books, and professionally for the theatre.

The Art of Physics and Beethoven

BeethovenEnergy can be neither created, nor destroyed. It can only change form. This is a law of energy conservation and also a premise for creative activity.

Being an Artist, Being Twenty-Something Years Old and the Roaring 1920s

Roaring 20sThere are always access points on the grid of life.

Tool Box, Ladder and Lightning: The 3 S's of the Co-Creator Series

CocreatorIn order to advance in one's creativity as an act of experimentation or as a profession, it might rely on the enhancement of one's skills, strategies and/or synergies.

Albert Einstein, Robert Wilson, and Phillip Glass on the Beach

GlassDid you know that Einstein interviewed poets to learn about the nature of intuition and imagination?

Elizabeth Gilbert and the Creative Ignition

IdeasWhere does creativity come from? How can we manage our flow of creativity in the face our own self-defined 'successes' and/or 'failures'?

Giulietta Masina, Gypsy and a Classroom of Children

MasinaHow many film artists, actors and designers all draw inspiration from Federico Fellini's magnificently constructed worlds?

Hedy Lamarr: Patent Beauty, Patent Invention

Diana RiveraHow are beautiful actress' of Hedy's era understood? In the broadest way, they are adored for beauty, not innovation.

Parisian Back Streets to the Imagination and Yann Tiersen

AmelieThe Parisian streets of Amelie's creative world are powerful routes into the cognitive road maps of the imagination.

Lhasa de Sela: A Bid Farewell

Lhasa de SelaThe power of imagination and the shared universal heart.

Creative Miami: Nina Surel's Studio, a Touch of the Feminine

SurelAn authentic exchange of experience, shaped into a conversation, distilled onto canvas.

2000 Zen: Stepping on the Tight Rope

PetitThis 'Man on a Wire' is an inspiration for our times.

The Creative Life of Pina Bausch, Dance Theatre Performer & Choreographer

BauschPina's creativity reminds me of how unique the creative path is enveloped by deep and internal reflection of the human spirit.

Pina Bausch and Leonardo da Vinci at the Goodwill

da VinciIt's clearly a conversation with destiny: Goodwill represents a space where imagination materializes.

How Rage Grew from 'The Tango Lesson' or How 'The Tango Lesson' Grew from Rage

Tango LessonHave you ever wanted to create something but got side tracked by another project?

Rite of Passage for the Creative

BeethovenWhat would it be like if everyone — including the emerging, mid-level and even the highest paid creative — had been initiated into their creativity?

The Transformative Wisdom of Sand

SandKseniya Simonova has captured the attention of millions people world-wide with her animated sand art creativity.

William Sidis: Harvard Grad and Destitute Genius

SidisThe shadow side to fostering a genius. What can you do to change the story of your past to work in favor of your artistry?

Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road's Message About Creativity and Children

Yo-Yo MaYo-Yo Ma explained to journalists at KPCC that our creativity crisis in the U.S. can be best challenged through creative practice — movement, visualizing, sound and writing.