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The Creativity Conundrum

No worries — we can figure this out.

By Susan Ann Darley | Posted 4/1/20 | Updated 4/15/24

An excerpt from The Talent Show: Achieve Higher Levels of Creativity

Google "creative people" and you will find tons of articles that list many of the characteristics of creative people. However interesting, the lists categorize and single out the group of people referred to as artists. That leaves the majority of humanity thinking they're not creative — yet they are.

Maybe you can't draw a stick figure. (I know I can't.) Or sing, act, sculpt, design or play an instrument. But back to square one — you came in creative. All of life is creative. Take a walk and observe every plant and tree. Look closely at every detail and the overall intrinsic design. Now think of the volume and variety of plants, insects, animals and of-course people.

What do we have in common? Every single living entity has the life force coursing through them. This vital and creative energy carries us through our lives. It's unseen to the human eye, yet it exists just the same.

For the past few days I've been watching a large brown spider spin an intricate web reaching from the leaves of an oak tree to the plants on my porch. Upon completion it's exquisite. However, because of the wind or perhaps the tiny birds that fly to my porch, every day at some point, part of its web is destroyed. Somedays just one glistening strand of silk is left.

Yet, he goes back and reweaves his web, patiently spinning all day long until it's finished. How did he learn to create such an amazing design? My porch spider has only his instinct to guide him through his short life. As well as all other insects, plants and animals. Every single one of them living a naturally creative existence.

As human beings we benefit from our mind — the element of us that enables us to be aware of our world and our experiences. It allows us to think feel, reason and use our imagination. We have the ability of forethought, allowing us to think about our future. Eventually we can consciously play a part in designing our lives as the strands of our selective thoughts weave a new pattern.

Yes, all of life is creative. It is the nature of life to create. As human beings, however, we have a greater role in life than to live by blind instinct. We have the power of choice. And when we understand our creative nature, we wake up to the responsibility for making conscious decisions and accepting the consequences of them.

The creative life force surging though us is energy that needs to be directed by us. As we walk the path of self-awareness, we realize the impact our thoughts, words and actions have on ourselves and others. We start to realize they are the paint brushes of our lives as we witness the power they have to shape and define our lives.

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