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Creating Life Strategies: Acceptance, Flexibility, Creativity

By Susan Ann Darley | Posted 2/5/08 | Updated 4/14/24

Have you ever had life present you with something you didn't want? Perhaps a health issue, a money challenge or an annoying person?

Metaphysically speaking we attract what we need, so want it or not, you have it for a good reason. But let's go beyond "what is my lesson in this?" Don't worry, you'll discover the lesson and learn from the experience even if it takes repeating a couple of times. But that's an entirely different article.

This article is about creating strategies to deal with your experience. When confronted with a serious illness such as cancer, the patient and the doctor put their heads together to create strategies to heal the body. Those strategies can include radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, mind-body techniques, exercise, change of diet or a multitude of other ideas and approaches to healing.

A strategy is simply a plan to achieve a desired goal. The goal can be large or small. Life threatening or life-annoying. When faced with life-threatening or dire situations, the majority of people fight for their survival. They become willing to change their behaviors and habits in order to improve their lives.

Every day irritants, however, are a different ball game. Not only can negative behaviors and habits escalate in a matter of seconds, when they do we often justify them.

Rain and mud just covered your newly washed car. Dinner just exploded in the microwave. An out-of-the blue excruciating toothache causes you to cancel your plans. You're sleep deprived; yet the baby won't stop crying. An unexpected expense stares you in the face.

The age-old joke, "Want to make God laugh — tell him your plans" hits home. How do you react when life happens to you? Once in a while with impatience, irritability, fear, anger or any other toxic emotion? Then read on.

Everyday annoyances are an opportunity to change your life for the better. Take advantage of the opportunity and begin to consciously choose a constructive response. Below are three simple techniques that when applied in the present moment lead to positive living.


"_ _ _ _ Happens" Yes it does and fighting it only creates more of it. What you focus on magnifies, so calmly accept the situation in front of you. Right then and there you will begin to neutralize the energy behind the experience. The metaphor "go with the flow" has stayed popular for good reason.


Most of us have habitual responses to life, which are ingrained down to the cellular level. When a cell divides it produces a new cell — with the old pattern. In order to create a new pattern you must decide how you want to respond then change or modify your behavior long enough for it to become permanent at the cellular level. This requires the willingness to change at a conscious level and the flexibility to carry it out.


Now it's time for not only new thinking but also new tactics. You're a creative person so use it on your behalf. You've approached the situation with a calm attitude and have the willingness to respond reasonably. Now develop a positive strategy to apply to the situation.

A muddy car? When the sun comes out rewash the car — it's good exercise. A ruined dinner? Laugh at the exploded baked potato and treat yourself to take-out. A toothache? Finally you're seeing the dentist and your overall health will benefit. Sleep deprived? Ask grandma to keep the baby overnight. An unexpected expense? Check your bank balance, pinpoint where you can cut back and think prosperous thoughts.

Sometimes a silent strategy is what's needed. A change of thoughts and/or words directed at annoying people in your life. Letting go an old belief that no longer serves a good purpose or the willingness to stop judging others.

These may seem trite or obvious but do you practice them daily? When you are willing to apply positive strategies to everyday issues you will improve every area of your life. They may even help you to prevent larger catastrophes from happening. At least, if they do, you will not be as overwhelmed by them.

Remember, "strategy" is simply another word for solution. And, after all, solutions are all you need.

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