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Expressing Your Truth: Practicing the Art of Honest Creative Expression

By Susan Ann Darley | Posted 1/4/08 | Updated 4/14/24

Freedom is found only in the courage to be yourself. Each of us longs to express who we are, what we think and how we feel. But how often do we?

From my perch of observance more is repressed than expressed. Considering repression can lead to depression, illness and even violence, what in the world is stopping us from being true to ourselves and others? It might just be the fear of not being liked, accepted, understood, and loved, ad infinitum.

The irony is that when we repress, it leads to all sorts of negative feelings about ourselves, which we then project on others. Talk about a catch-22.

If you feel, for whatever reason, that you cannot express yourself honestly to your friend, then you will resent him or her. Your friend has done nothing to deserve your anger but because you lack the courage to be honest with him or her, you become angry. Not only does your friend become the target, but others in your path as well.

Now let's back up. What if you choose a different tack and decided to express your creative differences with your friend. Is that really such a risk? If he or she stomps away in anger — whose problem is that? Theirs. If he or she sulks and says your wrong — whose problem is that? Theirs. However, if your relationship is solid, you will weather your differences and most likely enrich your relationship by allowing each other to be honest.

When you practice the art of honest creative expression you feel nurtured and alive. The unblocked flow of creative energy uplifts and heals. It becomes easier to rise above the drama because honesty helps to calm the emotions and leads to clear thinking.

On the other hand, repressing your feelings and thoughts creates a stagnant emotional pool, which can literally poison your system causing emotional and mental unrest and physical disease.

If being true to ourselves is the ticket to freedom then why is it not practiced more often?

One reason is that people are too busy pointing the finger at others and blaming "them" for the way they are feeling or acting. "It's my boss that causes me to stay angry." If your boss stirs up your anger — it's still your anger. Ask yourself, why am I an angry person? What don't you like in your boss? What don't you like in yourself?

Honest answers will lead to your freedom. If you like your job and want to stay then have the courage to discover the aspect in yourself that is making you angry. If you don't like your job and want to move on to greener pastures — what's holding you back? I doubt if it's your boss.

True creative expression begins with honesty. If you lie to yourself and others, even with good intentions, your thoughts and feelings become entangled. The more you pretend or repress the deeper the entanglement.

Boldly accept responsibility for your life. Use your awareness to catch yourself when tempted to blame others for your circumstances. Find the courage to begin to untangle the matrix of falsities, which diminish your creativity and be true to yourself. As you do you will begin to know a sense of harmony, wonder and peace. Your creativity will take on new purpose.

Wishing you an exciting life filled with new adventures and the ability to express your truth in all circumstances.

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