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Bridging the Creativity Gap

There is no shortage of talent, just a shortage of awareness.

By Susan Ann Darley | Posted 3/21/20 | Updated 4/14/24

An excerpt from The Talent Show: Achieve Higher Levels of Creativity

To create means to bring into existence, to conceive, design, produce, shape and form. Those are just a few adjectives that define creativity.

In every single moment you are designing your life. The life force that runs through you is energy being directed by your thoughts, words, emotions and beliefs to produce the structure and depth of your life.

Even if you are having trouble believing that you are a creative person, the fact is — you are. You are an integral part of universal energy. We don't often think in those terms as we're focused on our lives. However, gazing at the vast sky full of stars at night is a reminder of our eternal connection to something greater than ourselves.

In-fact, contemplation of the beauty and wonder of life leads to internal revelations. The more we give ourselves quiet moments and time alone, the more we begin to see beyond the concrete world. Our senses heighten and our feelings deepen. In the quiet space we carve out for ourselves, clarity is developed and mind-clutter is reduced.

It's similar to cleaning out the attic - tossing what is no longer useful or perhaps harmful as we move forward on our life's journey. As we discern, decide and let go, a beautiful thing happens — we begin to feel lighter. Drama no longer has the ability to drag us down. Most importantly, in the arena of life, when we see it coming, we wisely step aside - knowing that nothing has ever been solved or healed when emotions are ruling the show.

The above metaphor describes the path of self-awareness. The inward path that connects you with your inner world of thoughts and feelings. It's where you can go to free yourself from the noise and drama of the external world. As you discover and begin to honor your true self, you can free yourself from insecurities that have held you back.

You will begin to own and appreciate your individual uniqueness while realizing at the same time, you are one with the totality of life. Not separate, but one with all, connected through universal energy. With that realization your innate creative nature comes forth.

Notice the word "innate." That means you were born with it. You arrived on earth, perhaps predestined to be an accountant, a doctor, a contractor or an entrepreneur. Perhaps your main role is that of a parent, oldest child, teacher or counselor. Whatever profession or role you play in life cannot prevent you from the fact that you are a creative being.

And more than that, every day you are applying your creativity to every aspect of your life, though you may not be conscious of it or understand how. The reason for that is simple. You haven't quite awakened to the wonder of you. The delightful and remarkable you, full of inner power waiting to be used to create new chapters in your life's story. Inspirational and fulfilling chapters.

The very first step in discovering your creativity is to find the silence within you. With the on-going chatter in our heads, that's not always easy. Yet, it is in the silence that you will find all you need to navigate the rest of your life. The silence is the bridge between you and universal wisdom.

Definitely, a bridge you want to cross.

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