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What are you creating?

By Susan Ann Darley | Posted 4/9/20 | Updated 4/18/24

An excerpt from The Talent Show: Achieve Higher Levels of Creativity

No, I don't have all the answers. I can only share my experience with you. Your experience will be uniquely yours for no two lives are alike.

However, I can give you some food for thought. Right now, wherever you are, look around at all the material things in your line of vision.

Every single thing you see was once an idea. That means every thing was a thought first. The energy underneath the thought helped to bring it into the physical world to make it concrete. Another word for that is manifestation. Look at it this way, the things of this world are simply ideas in form.

You have the ability to manifest your ideas into form. The stronger your clarity, intent and focus is, the more likelihood of your idea materializing. This is a universal gift given to all, no exceptions.

Let's look at a word that confuses many people. What do you think of when you hear the term metaphysics? Many people run from it and say it has no basis in reality. The irony of that is that, unbeknownst to them, they're using it every day of their life to shape their reality. However, they're doing it at an unconscious level.

When we "wake up," so-to-speak, and consciously build a better life through our thoughts, we are practicing metaphysics. I believe the urban dictionary nailed the definition of it; "Seeing something from a higher perspective (self-awareness)."

Another way of looking at it, is to compare physics with metaphysics. Physics is the science of energy and matter and how they relate to each other. Metaphysics is the science of energy and matter and how they relate to the mind. The proof you're looking for is not in a lab but by practicing the theory. You must prove it for yourself.

Allow the artist within you to come to life. Use the natural creative ability you were born with to improve every aspect of your life. Put your distinct and original imprint on it. Enjoy the creative process — it has the power to free you from your imagined limitations.

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