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As a painter and teacher, what interests me the most is creativity that invites everyone to participate.

The common idea is that some are creative and some are not. We've confused the concept of talent of creativity. Our longing to create doesn't come from a tendency towards a particular talent, but an innate need to manifest the truth of who we are.

To create is our birthright. Children are our finest example of this. They come into the world not knowing anything. And they begin to explore with every part of themselves. They pick up a brush with no hesitation. They create for the sake of creating. This is our natural state.

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But along the way, we get sidetracked. Somebody or something stops us and we believe them. WE stop trusting what we have inside out of the need to feel safe or to control the results the creative flow slowly shuts down and creates a block.

So now, there is a huge invitation available which is to rekindle a sense of innocence and to create freshly with no preconceptions. WE can revive our curiosity and sense of wonder by surrendering to what comes out on paper. Rather than controlling what we do, we have the opportunity to give into the creative process in its largest sense.

Creativity is intelligent and trustworthy. We see it in every mountain, tree or bird. It doesn't need improvement by us. This is why I paint. If I had to work really hard to have the perfect painting, to give the world an important message or please someone who might want to buy my work, I would never do it, but since painting for me is a process, I have the whole journey of discovering from moment to moment what is needed.

Then the result is simply a byproduct of this exploration. It is possible to surrender to it. To let all of life pass through. Here there is truth, aliveness, greater affection towards one's self and an inner resting place. This isn't mine; anyone can touch this place. •

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