Art of the Song

Welcome to the Creative Renaissance

Excel at your passion and make your unique contribution to the world.

By John Dillon | Posted 10/1/06 | Updated 9/21/20

When you integrate the three phases of creativity — inspiration, action, and analysis — into your life and apply them to your passion (that which you love to do), then you become unstoppable!

In her Art of the Song interview, singer/songwriter Jonatha Brooke said, "Creativity is just a matter of what you're passionate about.

It could be business, it could be law, it could be a doctor. Creativity is, I think, about passion." Passion is the power that drives the engine of creativity. Doing what you love gives you energy. Find what it is that you love doing. Study it. Practice it. Learn all you can about the subject. Excel at your passion and make your unique contribution to the world. When you integrate creativity into your life and apply yourself to your passion, you will accomplish great things and create a successful and happy life.

"Everyone has the perfect gift to give the world. If each of us is freed up to give the gift that is uniquely ours to give, then the world will be in total harmony."

R. Buckminster Fuller, philosopher and architect

Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone were just a little more creative — if we all added, say, ten percent more creativity into our lives? What if we used our rational minds for the wonderful tools that they are and put our intuitive minds back in the driver's seat? What if the arts were the last thing to be cut from school budgets? What if we actually taught creativity and the use of imagination in our schools?

I see that world. I see a renaissance in the arts, a flourishing of socially conscious businesses, a world where people are fulfilled and happy. I see a world where, through creativity, we have stopped global warming and developed alternative energy solutions: a world where we are no longer dependent on fossil fuels. I see a world where all people are contributing their own unique gifts and talents with passion and grace. I see a world that works!

When we engage in a creative activity and lose ourselves in the creative flow, we access the spiritual part of ourselves and become connected with the Creator, God, the Holy Spirit, or whatever you choose to call it. If more and more people make this direct and real spiritual connection more often, things can't help but get better in our world.

Vivian and I have dedicated ourselves to this vision. Through radio, live presentations, seminars, individual coaching, and writing, we help people express their creativity. We remind them that they are creative at heart. Yes, some may have forgotten this basic truth, but with a little guidance and inspiration, anyone can access creativity. This is what we do; this is our mission.

"Creativity is central to any work that's worth doing, and creativity for me is one term for source or resourcefulness, source meaning going to the essence of life, going to the essence of spirit, actually opening yourself to be a channel for that which wants to happen. Creativity, I think, gives you a platform, or a place to stand, where you become the generator of life rather than a reactor to life, where you become the creator yourself of the world in which you want to live."

Some people may be drawn to the arts, some may be inclined toward business or a helping profession, but whatever we do, if we do it with passion and creativity, we do our part in making the world a better place. It's about integrating right- and left-brain thinking, bringing the soul together with the mind. Its about bringing our whole consciousness to bear in whatever we do.

We're going through a major transition in our world at the time of this writing. Economic recession is forcing us to reexamine our priorities. Old ideas and forms are breaking down, slipping away. Businesses that operate on the old paradigm of greed and success at the expense of others are biting the dust. If you look at history, you'll see that many great civilizations were preceded by periods of darkness and despair. We are in one of those challenging times. Things may be difficult for many, but there has never been greater opportunity, greater hope. Through creativity we can turn that hope into reality.

Creativity is contagious, just like laughter. The benefits are real. I invite you to use the 20-20 Practice to focus your natural creativity, and as you do, please join us in spreading the creative message. Help us all move into the Creative Renaissance!

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