Art of the Song

Light and Shadow Play of Creativity

Stillness is the beginning of creativity.

By Vivian Nesbitt | Posted 8/15/06 | Updated 9/22/20

Creativity is a force that can bring light into the darkest corners. The sun in its brilliance casts light from a single point forming shadows as it moves toward nightfall.

But the light of the creative process illuminates us from within, turning us into beacons throwing light in all directions. With this light we can find solutions to the issues that seem insurmountable and confuse us with their complexity.

Creativity thrives where we are the most familiar to ourselves and in the places we are most unknown. It is not a fair weather friend that only likes to be with us on our good days. While our shadows are potent and filled with intrigue, they may define a point of view that has become habituated in a way that is limiting to our process.

If we use the soft healing light of Creativity to shine from within we are inviting the power of infinite potential to work on even the most unintelligible darkness. This powerful creative light affects us personally and stretches out beyond our sphere of reference in to the world at large. It mysteriously guides us to write a new lyric in a style we may never have tried, which in turn puts us in contact with a new voice inside us that helps find a new point of view, which in turn invites the world to respond to us differently.

As we become aware of the shadows be they an old hurt or our concerns about the future of our energy resources or public radio, we must request its presence by asking for clarity and guidance. We then release into the process that connects us all to the universal solution. To actively engage in this process we reach inside ourselves flip the switch marked CREATIVITY on our internal fuse box. We open to the areas that come to light.

Flipping the switch of creativity and looking around where there used to be shadows may reveal our truest gifts; With the aid of the omni-directional internal light of Creativity we are able to see and feel powerful elements of ourselves that we may have been a little afraid of because they were hidden in the shadows of our habituated perspective.

How do you find the switch in your inner fuse box? Look inside your heart.

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