Art of the Song

Stopping and Silence

Stillness is the beginning of creativity.

By Vivian Nesbitt | Posted 7/15/07 | Updated 9/22/20

I read something this morning that resonated deeply with me and I wanted to share it with you.

It was a simple statement in Deepak Chopra's book The Book of Secrets that said, "Still silence is the beginning of creativity."

Ahh I thought. Perhaps this is the reason that we don't actually listen to much music in the car, using the long highway north out of Taos to our home as a form of rejuvenation and contemplation. There is the rhythmic sound of the road, the expanse of the mesa and well, not a lot else. Once at home though, work and life take over and that still silence is broken by phone calls, emails, recording sessions, dinner, dogs and everyday occurrences.

It reminds me of another simple line that Eric Maisel uses as the first meditation in his book 10 Zen Seconds saying, "I am completely stopping." Such a simple phrase evokes a complex response in me.

At first my tiny overworked mind turns to her inner Jacky Mason who says what are you nuts? I can't stop now! Silence! Ha! This is radio. What kind of producer embraces silence! I am sure you know the voice. Demanding, anxious, will resort to anything to make you give it your attention. The more I resist, the more adamant the voice, resorting finally to guerilla tactics by suggesting another caffeinated beverage.

To stop completely in the middle of a flurry of activities allows me to let go for a moment, slip into the still silence that exists with in me at all times. As I rest in this silence, this stopping, my heart slows to a manageable rate, my thoughts settle like new snow. I become myself once again. And lo and behold, there it is, the beginning of creativity.

Like sitting with a newborn while she sleeps, before any need arises all potential exists equally. All answers, all ideas, all manifestations exist in peaceful possibility. And as I return to the day, like Lucy and from mysterious the Wardrobe, no real time has passed. No one missed me or even knew I was gone. Rejuvenated I return from the birthplace of creativity on the vibration of beginning and meet the day in full awareness, available to its exquisite potential. I highly recommend it.

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