Creative Careers Interviews (2010)

Interviews with Angi Sullins, Michele Batz, Roberta Allen, Tina Verduzco, Chuck Sambuchino, Terri Conrad, Jennie Nash, Cynthia Staples, Penny MacPherson, Nadine Sanders, Ashfaq Ishaq, JoAnn Bromley, Debra Ponte, John & Sandy Weber, Diana Rivera, and Carson Jones.

Interview with Angi Sullins — Duirwaigh Studios Founder

Angi Sullins marries inspirational messages with tangible life experience.

Interview with 'The Singing Weaver' Fiber Artist Nadine Sanders

Nadine Sanders is an eclectic and diverse artist who writes, sings, designs and weaves gorgeous tapestries and shawls and leads travel tours for those interested in the connection between music and the fiber arts.

An Interview with K-5 Physical Education Teacher and Fitness Author Michele Batz
Michele Batz is a certified Instructor and Personal Trainer, a Yogafit Instructor; a K-5 Physical Education teacher; fitness writer; and Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition.

An Interview with Visual Artist & Author Roberta Allen
Roberta Allen has traveled the world, showing her art and gleaning inspiration for her books. She is a self-taught artist and writer and just finished her memoir called Dirty Girl.

An Interview with Folk Artist Tina Verduzco
Artist Tina Verduzco's life changed in 2006 when her husband developed lung cancer. This courageous woman became an artist through a true "trial by fire."

An Interview with 'Garden Gnome Attack' Author Chuck Sambuchino
Chuck Sambuchino is an editor for Writer's Digest magazine and books and author of "How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack."

An Interview with Artist Terri Conrad of Terri Conrad Designs®
Terri Conrad is a commercial artist who provides "Art licensing for all surfaces with on trend design that is playful yet grounded in sophistication & style!"

Novelist Jennie Nash Talks About 'The Threadbare Heart'
Back for a second interview, author Jennie Nash discusses her new novel, The Threadbare Heart.

An Interview with Writer and Photographer Cynthia Staples
Cynthia Staples grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her love of nature and travel informs her work as a writer and photographer.

An Interview with Spiritual Writing Coach Penny MacPherson
Penny MacPherson is an amazing and inspiring woman who works as a Spiritual Writing Coach with a Scribal Anointing.

An Interview with Ashfaq Ishaq, Founder of the International Child Art Foundation
The founder of the International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) discusses how his vision for the organization unfolded, its impact in its first 13 years, and how it addresses the need for instilling collaboration over competition in children for a more peaceful world.

An Interview with 'Ask Mama!' Performer JoAnn Bromley
JoAnn Bromley is a creative powerhouse and the mastermind behind the one-woman show, "Ask Mama." JoAnn has acted, directed, and taught throughout New England and New York.

An Interview with Writer & Fiber Artist Debra Ponte
Debra Ponte is a writer and fiber artist and describes herself as a shy, opinionated, compassionate, creative woman.

An Interview with Rattlesnake Crafters John & Sandy Weber
John & Sandy Weber are the owners of Rattlesnake Crafts & Rocks, a unique outdoor museum and gift shop in the remote southern Arizona desert with over 150 items made from rattlesnakes.

An Interview with Artist, Humanitarian, & Creative Empowerment Life Coach Diana Rivera
Diana Rivera "teaches the art of Drama to children, arts integration to teachers and creative empowerment/success to individuals in the creative industry as a Creative Empowerment Coach ... and develops original content for children's TV, children's books and professionally for the theatre."

An Interview with Photographer & Arts Organizer Carson Jones
Carson Jones is a photographer and arts organizer in Durango, Colorado, known for her successful Guerilla art shows.