Creative Careers & 20Q Interviews (2012)


Robert Moss

Dreaming the Soul Back Home with Robert Moss

Our dreams can tell us which parts of ourselves may be missing, and when it is timely to bring them home. Recurring dreams in which we go back to a scene from our earlier lives may indicate that a part of us has remained there.



NIANELL: Knowing Who I AM

Would you ever think that a gifted singer with an impressive four octave vocal range, a talented musician and songwriter who performed with the legendary tenor, Andrea Bocelli would feel insecure? NIANELL says, "When I was 8 years old, I’ve already sounded like an adult opera singer. I had a very strong and developed voice which was very unusual and strange, but I was shy, insecure and an introvert."

Art by Sarnat

Coloring Book Artist & Jr Imagination's® Marjorie Sarnat

SarnatMarjorie is a best-selling author and illustrator of over 30 adult coloring books and an award-winning mixed-media artist whose has designed hundreds of popular collectibles and crafts, including paper dolls branded by the Project Runway® TV show.

Permission Slips

'Permission Slips' Author Patricia J. Mosca

Patricia J. MoscaWhy is creativity important to you?

My painting and writing allows me to be uniquely ME! It was the piece that was missing in myself for so long. My creativity allows me to feel whole, to feel fulfilled. It allows me to bring my messages from the inside out.

Matthew Crowder

Head Idealist at IdeaSmart

Alyice Edrich

Creative Entreprenuer, The Dabbling Mum® Founder

Elisa Brown

Classical Soprano, Peace Seeker

Gina Quarles

Freelance Writer, Positive Change Maker

Maria Chatzi

Craft Designer, Jewelry Artist, Writer & Poet, Teacher

Juliette Jeanclaude

Dancer, Painter, Self-Expression Facilitator

Cherie Roe Dirksen

Self-Empowerment Author and Multi-Media Artist

Marcia (Phillips) West

Unity Consciousness Author, Speaker, Healer

Julie Hoyle

Writer, Spiritual Counselor, Natural Intuitive

Naomi Rifkin

Founder of Brush Fire Painting Workshops

Joanna Bennett

An Artist on a Journey

Shannon Ganshorn

Artist, Teacher, International Mixed Media Postcard Swap Organizer

Karsten Skyum Larsen

Retired, Volunteer Art Coach

Tina Verduzco

Writer, Artist, Owner of 2gouls Ghost Tour Company in St. Augustine, Florida

Sylvie Branch

Artist, Writer, Teacher, and Proprietor of Cleveland's Upcycle Exchange

Jacqueline Dempsey-Cohen

Library Children's Specialist

Liz Krause

Marketing Manager, Italian Cook

Michael W. Roberts

Writer, Storyteller, Marketer

Susan Hornfeld

Writer and Storyteller

Laura Thykeson

Mixed Media Artist, Writer and Poet

Dawn Kotzer

Artist, Life Coach, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach

Judith Westerfield

Psychotherapist, Guided Imagery Therapist, Therapeutic Creative Expression Facilitator

Deonne Kahler

Writer, Photographer, Business Owner

Cheryl Pallant

Author, Poet, Dancer, Reiki Practitioner

Bonnie Neubauer

Teacher, Artist, Inventor, Writer