Creative Careers Interviews (2009)

Interviews with Bruce Deitrick Price, Jill Allison Bryan, Valery Satterwhite, Rita Farin, Jeff Scarterfield, Michael Michalko, Kristi Tencarre, Jerry Wennstrom, Jennie Nash, Angela Cartwright, Susan Brackney, and Carol Parks.

Interview with Author and Artist Jerry Wennstrom

Jerry Wennstrom is an artist who destroyed his paintings, gave away all his earthly possessions, and embarked upon an incredible spiritual and creative journey.

Interview with Author Michael Michalko

Creativity expert Michael Michalko worked with NATO and CIA think tanks to promote creative thinking and problem-solving techniques.

Interview with 'Art Freak' Zine Publisher Carol Parks

Carol Parks spent fifty years in the music industry before beginning her career in the arts.

Interview with Cartoonist Jeff Scarterfield

Jeff Scarterfield is an amazingly talented cartoon artist and drawing instructor.

Interview with Inner Wizard Coach and Mentor Valery Satterwhite

Valery Satterwhite specializes in helping people connect to their desires and live their dreams.

An Interview with Artist, Author, and Education Crusader Bruce Deitrick Price
Bruce Deitrick Price is a freelance writer; painter; art director; and education crusader. He is also the author of The Education Enigma, and Theoryland.

Interview with Singer/Songwriter and Creative Lifestyle Coach Jill Allison Bryan
Jill Allison Bryan believes that all women deserve to create and revel in their own Mid-Life Oasis™ — a space of deep personal fulfillment — in their day-to-day lives.

Interview with Writer & Creativity Coach Rita Farin
After 20 years in global marketing, Rita Farin took a leap of faith and landed right on her creative feet!

Interview with Author, Artist, and Photographer Kristi Tencarre
Kristi Tencarre is an inspiring creative and travel enthusiast who has visited 51 countries on 5 continents before the age of 30.

Interview with 'True Genius' Author Jennie Nash
After writing three memoirs, Jennie Nash decided to give fiction a chance, and penned The Last Beach Bungalow. She loved it so much she went onto write a second book, The Only True Genius in the Family.

Interview with Artist/Actress Angela Cartwright
Child-actor Angela Cartwright appeared in Make Room for Daddy, Lost in Space, My Three Sons, The Sound of Music, and other films and TV shows. What's she doing now?

An Interview with Author and Beekeeper Susan Brackney
Susan Brackney is a freelance writer and beekeeper in Indiana, and the author of Plan Bee: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Hardest-Working Creatures on the Planet.