Creative Careers Interviews (2021)

Interview with Musician, Teacher, and Coach Valerie Day

Valerie Day is a musician, mother, educator, neuroscience/psychology geek, and creative explorer and fronted the Grammy-nominated band Nu Shooz in the 80s with pop hits in heavy rotation on the radio and MTV.

20Q with Award-Winning Architect Donald Rattner

Donald M. Rattner is the author of My Creative Space who draws on scientific research to help individuals and organizations maximize occupant creativity in workplace, residential, wellness, hospitality and retail environments.

Journey of Self-Discovery Facilitator Roslyn Rus

Rosylyn Rus is the author of Bridge to Oneness: An Interactive Spiritual Workbook for Here and Now who offers participants insight into who they truly are, as unique expressions of Creator / Source on their own personal Journey of Self Discovery.

Poet Brian R. Martens

Brian Martens is the author of the poetry book Three Raven Gate. His work is concerned with the Human Condition and he seeks to inspire and motivate others through creativity workshops, Shamanic drum journeys, and poetry to recognize their own deep creative spirit and to express that to the world.