Creative Careers Interviews (2006)

Series Introduction: Creative Careers in the Arts

Molly Anderson-Childers kicks off this uplifting interview series with reflections on her own experiences of intertwining struggles and successes.

Interview with Sonia Wijts: Art Director for the Center for Adaptive Learning in Concord, California

Sonia Wijts teaches expressive arts classes for adults with learning disabilities — a great example of the many ways creative professionals can help give something back to their communities.

Interview with Quinn McDonald: Paper Artist and Creativity Coach

Quinn McDonald is a paper artist, life and creativity coach, and workshop leader. After years in the corporate world, she broke away from the security of a day job and made a leap of faith.

Interview with Jill Badonsky: Author and Kaizen-Muse Coaching Founder

Jill Badonsky is author of the creativity sourcebook, The Nine Modern-Day Muses and a Bodyguard and founder of the uniquely blended Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™ model.