Curiosity & Openness to Experience

Being curious towards inner and outer knowledge.

Posted 2/14/07 | Updated 9/12/20


There has always been a part of me who wonders, who asks a lot of questions, who is thirsty for knowledge.

Since I was little, I have had a passion for books, classrooms, and the teacher-student dynamic. And when I first logged onto the Internet several years ago, this part of me was satiated with whole new worlds of knowing!

I made this SoulCollage® card specifically to honor this part of my inner family. Here is what my own inner curiosity says to me:

SoulCollage Card Created by Anne Marie BennettI am the one who wants to know.

I am the one who is thirsty for inner and outer knowledge.

I am the one who is eager to learn.

I am the one who loves to learn new things.

I am the one who loves inner discoveries and new adventures.

Questions are my special Gift to you.

Your curious nature is a splendid and holy thing.

I give you joy in this curiosity.

I want you to keep asking your questions.

I want you to remember that your questions are ALL important, ALL necessary.

As I created and worked with this card for my SoulCollage® deck, I became more and more aware of how vast this curious energy is in my life, and particularly in my creative work. A friend shows me one of her altered books… and this curious part of me steps right in and starts asking questions about how she made it.

I come across a mixed media collage online and want to know which paint the artist used to create such vivid, intense colors… and my Curious One immediately noses around the website until she finds the artist's address and then fires off an email to find the answer.

Curiosity has always served me well. She helps me by posing the question "What if…?" many times throughout my days (and nights!). What if I cut this image out and lay it against that background? What if I try that other kind of paint? What if I put these two colors together? What if I write a fictional story about all of these inner voices? What if I cover that coffee can with paint and beads and feathers and make it into a drum?

What if…? How can I…? Why…? Why not…? These are the mantras of my curious inner voice. Her words and energy are the driving force behind all of my creative projects.

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Inner Reflection:

Is there an excited voice inside of you whose curiosity pulls you eagerly into new projects? How do you feel about this voice? Sometimes another member of your "inner family" will try to shut down this Curious One. Take some breaths this week and notice if that is happening in your inner world.

Has some part of you pushed away your innate and joyful curiosity about the world, about people, about art or writing or whatever your passion is? Make some time this week to have an inner chat with your own Curious One. Listen carefully… what is he/she curious about right now? How can you help to quench his/her thirst for inner knowing, for creative journeys?

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