Shed Some Inner Light On Your Holidays

Using SoulCollage® to Experience Lightness

Posted 3/14/07 | Updated 9/12/20


I made this SoulCollage card in answer to a question I asked myself as the holidays approached and I found myself more frazzled and worn out with each passing day. What do I really value about this holiday season?

As I asked this question, I heard feedback from a wide variety of my Inner Committee members about the upcoming holidays. Do any of them sound familiar to you?

SoulCollage Card Created by Anne Marie BennettMy Inner Critic, Ethel: Well, whatever you do, I sure hope you don't overdo it again this year or you'll get sick. And you'd better lose five pounds before your husband's office party too or you'll never fit into those black velvet pants.

My Perfectionist:
If you get up an hour early every day between now and December 25, you can get everything done in time.

My Rule Maker:
You have to bake 100 batches of cookies every year just like your mother always did. Handmade Christmas cards and gifts are better than store-bought ones.

The Anxious One:
But what if no one likes my gifts?

My Rebellious Child:
I am sick and tired of addressing all those Christmas cards every year. I won't do it this year and you can't make me!

Each of this inner chorus had something specific to say about my holiday plans, and yet when I heard them, I found that I wasn't thinking of what I really valued about our family celebrations and traditions. Instead, I was consumed with agitation, anxiety, a sense of impending failure, and wondering how soon this would all be over with!

In order to bring a brighter balance to my inner world, I consciously sought "advice" from some other inner parts who might put a more positive spin on things for me. Do you recognize any of these voices?

My One Who Loves Solitude:
Could we please spend some time just reading a book every day?

My Inner Artist:
I would like half an hour every day to play in my art journal.

The Generous One:
I really, really love picking out presents for everyone!

Happy Child:
Christmas is fun! I love getting presents and surprises!

The Creator of Sacred Space:
I love candles and candlelight. Make sure we light candles every night at supper, and put some in every room.

The Good Mother:
If you're tired, you can take a nap. Maybe you can ask Jeff for help with wrapping those gifts later.

Keeping all of these thoughts in mind, I eagerly searched through some magazines for holiday-themed images, and intuitively created the SoulCollage® card you see above. It sits on my desk every December now, and serves as a powerful reminder to focus on those activities that truly bring me inner light and peace.

This card is a bright reminder that my Inner Critic, Perfectionist, Rebellious Child, Anxious One and Rule Maker don't have to be in control if I don't want them to. I can truly light up my own holiday season by listening within and honoring the voices that have my best interests at heart.

Free Instructions

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Inner Reflection:

Spend some time journaling with your own inner voices today. What is each one telling you about how you need to spend your time in the next few weeks?

Can you tell which ones are speaking the truth and which ones are simply old recordings that you don't need anymore? Make a SoulCollage® card to honor one of the parts of you that love the holidays.

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