Sweet Surrender

Using SoulCollage® to Relax into the Flow

Posted 4/21/07 | Updated 9/12/20


What happens to your creativity when you lean back into your life and let it flow around you like a wild and wonderful waterfall? It flourishes with a fierce, wild grace.

This is one of my very favorite SoulCollage® cards, and it came together in about one minute! The monk leaning back into the waterfall seemed to call my name as soon as I saw it in the magazine. And the other images also called out to me to rest on this card with him.

Listen to what the essence of this card says to me when I allow it to speak:

SoulCollage Card Created by Anne Marie BennettI am the one who is relaxing into the flow.

I am the one who closes my eyes and surrenders to the feel of the water on my head.

I am the one who stands in the flow of life and lets it rain down on me. I am the one who leans into the good stuff.

I am the one who allows everything to be as it is. I am the one who doesn't try to force things — who knows that I cannot force flowers to grow or water to fall.

I am the one who leans into life and delights in its many beautiful surprises.

I love this card because it speaks to me of sweet surrender (remember that old John Denver song?). When I can lean back into my life and let it flow around me, everything becomes brighter, sweeter. When I allow myself the distinct pleasure of allowing life to happen as it will, then my creativity flourishes with a fierce, wild grace.

When I draw this card in a SoulCollage® Reading, it reminds me to surrender to my own creative process as well. For me, this process includes dark, stuck places that feel like being Lost. But if I can remember the wisdom that this inner voice gives me, then I am able to surrender even when I feel like I am Lost, for this is the surest way back to the light.

Free Instructions

Create Art with Soul: Free SoulCollage® Instructions

Inner Reflection:

Make a list of any creative projects that you've begun. Become aware of what stage of your creative process each project is in at this time. Also include on this list projects that you've been thinking about, because simply thinking about something is a beginning in and of itself.

Choose one project from the list that you're struggling with right now. Take a deep breath and say out loud, "This project is in the perfect place right now. I surrender to its place in my creative cycle." Watch what happens. Is there a loosening, a light blessing that happens as you surrender? Allow it, and be grateful for it as well.

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