Singing Your Own Song

Using SoulCollage® to Make Your Own Music

Posted 4/14/07 | Updated 9/12/20


Remember that corny little song from the early 70's that The Carpenters made famous? The chorus went something like this:

Make your own kind of music,
Sing your own special song.
Make your own kind of music
Even if nobody else sings along.

When I found myself putting the images together in this SoulCollage® card (above), the song came back to me again, with a soft and sweet wisdom that I hadn't connected with when I first heard it thirty years ago.

This card is a very special one in my SoulCollage® Deck. Whenever I draw her in a Reading, I am reminded of my own inner desire to just open up my soul and be who I truly am. Here is what she says to me:

SoulCollage Card Created by Anne Marie BennettI am the one who sings my own song, who does my own thing.

I am the one who allows the voice of spirit to flow through my words, my voice, my hands, my art, my workshops, my website.

I am the one who loves to sing.

I am the one who feels an affinity with the birds on my back deck.

I am the one who loves to watch and listen to the birds as they sing.

What I give to you today is your own song. I give you joy in the singing — with your physical voice as well as with the work that you are doing in the world.

I want you to continue to express yourself — in words, in art, and in song. No matter what. I want you to stand up and sing the song that is in your own soul.

If you're creative (and you know you are!), then you might at times feel like you are struggling with this part of you who wants to just open up and let the song flow (literally or figuratively).

You might wonder if you'll get the words right, or how others might like (or not like) your song. It might be a matter of fear, or doubt, or insecurity. It might simply be a matter of forgetfulness.

Believe me, I've been in all of those places. So I'm glad I have this SoulCollage® card, because she reminds me that I do have a song to sing, and that it is my divine right to sing it… and all I have to do is open myself up and let that song flow through me.

Free Instructions

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Inner Reflection:

What song have you been singing lately? If it had words, what would the title of your song be? Is this the song that you really want to be singing?

Take some time this week to get back in touch with the part of you who longs to sing his/her own song.

What is your song all about? If you gave it a title, what would it be? How do you feel when you're singing it, full voice? Take one step this week to incorporate your own "song" into your life more fully.

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