The Inner Rebel Rides Again

Using SoulCollage® to Facilitate Creative Expression

Posted 3/1/07 | Updated 9/12/20


What does your Rebellious Inner Child do to act out her anger at you when she's not allowed to express her abundant creativity?

I'd like to introduce you to Joey, my inner rebellious child (see SoulCollage® card). She's actually another side of Julianna, my Creative Inner Child.

SoulCollage Card Created by Anne Marie BennettThis morning, for example, Julianna (my Creative Inner Child) asked me for some time at the art table. She had no specific project in mind; she just wanted to play with the paints for a little while.

The "adult" part of me told her yes, she certainly could play at the art table for a while before I began working. Immediately after this inner conversation, however, I walked across the room to my computer desk. "I'll just check my email first," I told Julianna.

It has now been five hours since that little exchange. I've been sitting at my computer desk that whole time, and I've managed to get a heck of a lot of work done. Of course, the adult part of me is pleased as punch. However. I promised Julianna some fun time at the art table this morning and so far it's looking pretty doubtful that we're actually going to get to it. And to make things worse, I have done this exact same thing the last three mornings in a row.

So when I promise art/fun time to Julianna, and then don't follow through on it, she turns into Joey, my inner rebellious child. These parts of my inner family are exactly like "real" children. If you promise a little girl ice cream for dessert and then give her an apple instead, she's going to be pretty mad at you; she's going to rebel. If you agree to take a young boy to the zoo and then take him shopping for new socks instead, he's definitely not going to like it.

And what is the price I pay for denying my Creative Inner Child a time for play at the art table this morning? I can feel it already, inside of me. My energy is dropping. I'm losing my focus, even though I still have several things on my to-do list. I can hear her pouting in the corner, and now she is demanding ice cream and cookies since she didn't get to play this morning like I promised.

So I have two choices right now. I can try to keep Joey quiet by giving her free reign with ice cream and cookies. OR I can stop what I'm doing and give her free reign at the art table for thirty minutes.

This article is now officially over. I have to get out the paints and play!

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Inner Reflection:

Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting next to your Creative Inner Child. What does she look like? What is she asking you for right now? If you've been denying her some expression of creativity for a while, can you get in touch with that Rebellious Inner Child voice that also lives inside of you?

What does your Rebellious Child do to act out his anger at you when he's not allowed to express his abundant creativity? Find pictures in magazines that give image to your own inner Creative Child as well as your own inner Rebellious Child. Make SoulCollage® cards for both.

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