What's Intuition Got To Do With It? Get Intuit!

Using SoulCollage® to Access Inner Wisdom

Posted 3/14/07 | Updated 9/12/20


What does intuition have to do with it? The answer in a nutshell: Absolutely everything!

Intuition is a main player in my inner world when it comes to any writing or art project that I undertake. I made this SoulCollage® card to honor the part of me who listens within and follows my own inner voice of wisdom. Does your own intuitive voice sound like this?

SoulCollage Card Created by Anne Marie BennettI am the one who closes my eyes and leans back into the sea-green ocean of my own inner knowing.

I am the one who faces the light, whose feet are grounded in the sweet white flowers that blossom in my soul.

I am the one who is grounded in my own sense of self and in the Divine, at the same time.

I am the one who follows the light of my own knowing.

I am the one who "sees" better when my eyes are closed.

I give you internal and external light that leads your way.

I give you confidence and deep contentment whenever you follow this light of inner knowing.

I want you to lean back and trust, to relax and know that you will always be led in the right direction if you follow the light of your own inner wisdom.

Absolutely amazing things happen when I really hear and apply the wisdom that this part of me gives to me. I feel led to take a SoulCollage® workshop and what I learn there changes my life in myriad ways. I follow this inner voice when it whispers to me to work on my member's newsletter early this week, and then am glad I did because later in the week things get really crazy and I have no time to work on it then.

I hear my intuitive voice suggest stopping by a certain café one morning, and I do it even though another part of me logically tries to tell me I can't afford an hour away from my desk drinking coffee. But once I am there, I see an old friend I've been meaning to get in touch with, and we have a spirit-lifting conversation that changes the outlook of my whole week.

Try getting in touch with your own intuition and watch amazing things (big and small) begin to happen in your own creative life!

Free Instructions

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Inner Reflection:

In order to really get in touch with your own intuitive voice, it helps to spend some time each day in silence, listening. Try practicing silence each day this week (even if it's only for one minute). Notice if this makes it easier to hear your own intuitive inner voice throughout your week.

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