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December 1 ADVENTure

Think Outside the Gift Box

By @Funmire | Posted 2/4/23 | Updated 11/24/23

"R&D people experience a great deal of fun when creative. Not so much HA-HA fun as A-HA fun." —Edward Glassman, PhD

Retired professor and creativity consultant Edward Glassman uses the classic Nine Dot puzzle to illustrate how we have the tendency to 'stay inside the box' when it comes to solving problems at home and work. He says:

"We often assume boundaries that may not exist. We stay within the lines. We think within the rules. We use unstated, phantom criteria. We use past company policies and attitudes as guidelines on how to do things without checking it out with others. We don't shift paradigms without permission."

Some say the expression, "Think outside the box" has its origins in the "Nine Dot" puzzle. See if you can solve it with Glassman's instructions without googling the answer.


9 DotsConnect all nine dots with four straight lines in a continuous connection (keep your pencil on the page). As you try, notice your assumptions around the shape and boundaries of the square and how it might influence or subtly limit how you approach solving this puzzle. A printable play sheet is included as bonus material.

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