ADVENTure #8

Let Me Sk8

@funmire | Posted 5/8/23 | Updated 6/19/24

"Culture arises and unfolds in and as play." —Johan Huizinga

InfinityA horizontal number "8" looks a lot like the symbol of infinity, an algebraic lemniscate, which comes from the Greek word lemniskos or decorated with ribbons.

If you are ice skating around this curved shape, you might see yourself on a limitless path without end. Or, you might experience it as a returning or coming back around to familiarity.

Either way, there's infinite metaphoric opportunity here…

Returning and Remembering

Re's got your back.

Infinity SkatingRemembering, like skating figure 8's through the layers of time is one way to come back around.

Remembering is how your brain accesses stored knowledge and experiences etched in your being via neural networks, a metaphorical file cabinet with drawers through time.

Consider just for a bit:

  • What inspiration or motivation might you find through returning to what you already know?
  • Can revisiting the past with a different perspective allow you to live through an experience twice?
  • Can returning to a memory formed by an earlier version of you be a form of time travel?
  • Is it possible to still change the future through this innovative medium?

Circle back these possibilities any time.

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