ADVENTure #20

Graham Wallas' Creativity Step 3: Illumination

By Chris Dunmire | Posted 5/19/24 | Updated 6/19/24

D@m# light bulbs keep breaking!" —Thomas Ebison

BulbYou've arrived at the third step in Graham Wallas' 4 Steps of Creativity: Illumination.

This is where after incubating on your preparation, the light bulb ideas turn on and the aha! moment happens. Ideas begin to flow and propel you towards step four, coming soon in another ADVENTure.

What does illumination look like in the creative process? It's enlightenment or understanding that manifests as a sudden realization, a clarity of thought, or a feeling of insight. It's like flipping a switch in a dark room, suddenly revealing all the details that were previously hidden. It's the Archimedes Eureka! I've found it!

While we're talking illumination, have you seen The Great Creativity Illuminator? It's Creativity Portal's free prompter designed to activate your genetic disposition towards originality and authenticity in forging your own path to illumination. If you're ever stuck in a mire of mulling, test it out.

Back to our ADVENTURE…

For a project that you're brainstorming ideas to, or a problem you're seeking solutions for, a sudden realization can hit you at the most unexpected times, often when your mind is relaxed and engaged in other things. Historically, showers and vigorous walks in nature have conducted many kilowatts of illumination! These are awesome easy-bake ovens you can use in the cookie project I've given you.


The Light Gets Brighter


Your challenge: How's your low-carb cookie recipe coming along? Have you been struck with inspiration or had any aha!'s yet? If not, keep incubating or do more research to add to your compost heap of info-gathering.

Remember, the steps of the creative process allow you to lemniscate over and over for as long as you need to. P1us, you have a couple more days to get illuminated, so turn on those switches!

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