Day 12 ADVENTure


By Chris Dunmire | Posted 11/30/23 | Updated 5/18/24

ADVENTure Calendar Update:

elf walking offUgh! I've just lost four elves. Two thought we were doing the 12 days of Christmas and quit. Another is moving into the gig economy to drive for Grubhub. The last is ghosting me.

Plus, after some drama with Madam Bedazzle not having red Skittles® in her reading room, I'm concerned about a couple of others who seem a bit on edge due to the lack of sweetness around here.

So as you can see, midway through our Christmas count-up we're going through some staffing issues, organizational restructuring and job reassignments. Plus, we're running out of Oxford commas. Add in the supply chain issues and backordered materials we're missing, and… SIGH.

What's going to happen now? Are we going to have to end this fun ADVENTure series? Am I going to fall into catastrophizing? Maybe there's something I can do differently with the delays and diminishing resources. Let me see… What if

Wait. I think we'll be okay. I have some ideas. I better act quickly. I need to meet with the ADVENTure planner/scheduler right away!

Watch Out!

Setbacks come in a variety of forms. Here's some to keep an eye out for:

  1. Thesaurus Rexblow
  2. defeat
  3. delay
  4. difficulty
  5. hindrance
  6. impediment
  7. misfortune
  8. obstacle
  9. reversal
  10. slowdown
  11. stumbling block
  12. trouble
  13. about-face
  14. flip-flop
  15. hitch
  16. regress
  17. reverse
  18. upset
  19. backset

Set Forth

Turning IT Around

candySetbacks are a natural part of the creative process which you can anticipate and have a plan B or C ready ahead of time.

When they happen, step back, take a deep breath and reassess the situation. Ask yourself conducive questions like:

  1. What might help?
  2. What can I do differently?
  3. What have I learned?

empty bowlNext, use the wisdom you gained through this self-reflection exercise to begin turning the setback around or point it in a new direction. As long as you take one small step forward, you'll keep moving your creative energy and won't get stuck.

Dec 12 E-Mail

From   Chris Dunmire

Subject   ADVENTure Q3

To   Friends of Creativity Portal     12/12 11:17 AM

"Progress requires setbacks; the only sure way to avoid failure is not to try." —Henry Spencer

Hooray! We've just closed Q2 of the AC. Accounting says the books look good.

What did you think of the excursions through space, time, process, foreshadowing, and setbacks?

Were you bedazzled to learn about algebraic lemniscates and shoe aglets?

After today's update, surely you're wondering how one might manage an eclectic crew of supernatural creatures!

Before we continue, please catch up on days 1-12, as the storyline is building, and continuity is important. If you missed any installments, such as the time I rented a boat just to take pictures from the lake's interior or what the Golden Ratio is, you'll get lost in the narrative.

The next round of ADVENTures follows…


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